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  1. LookNGood

    For Sale: Trinity Freedom

    Trinity Freedom for sale. Pick up or UPS delivery. Located outside Boston, MA $1000 for pickup $1200 for delivery (that's basically splitting delivery cost with you)
  2. LookNGood

    Rotovac 360 XL - For Sale

    Anyone interested in a rotovac 360xL? Make me an offer. It's about three years old, used no more than 20 hours I'd say. I will post pictures tomorrow. I'll probably be selling some other stuff as well
  3. LookNGood

    Cleanco 47 for sale

    I have an almost new cleanco 47 installed in a gmc cutaway I need to unload. If anyone is interested PM me. Pictures will be sent privately.
  4. LookNGood

    pH challenge question

    @rob allen What is the concentration of acid in a solution with a pH of 10?
  5. LookNGood

    Mini Shark

    @aloha one Once again daves mini shark comes to the rescue. I had a Saltillo tile stripping job that has been giving me all sorts of trouble from improper care by the previous owner of the home. But I won't get too into it. The grout was particularly terrible looking to the point where I was...
  6. LookNGood

    White magic for sale

    I have a 1997 ford econoline with a white magic pro 1200 pto. The truck is definitely old, but the machine is in good working condition with one unfortunate issue. The recovery tank needs to be replaced. I'm selling this as is. Ideally for someone mechanically capable that would be able to...
  7. LookNGood

    Best Hardwood joint brush

    Yesterday I cleaned a hardwood floor. The customers main concern was the soil build up in the joints. Well I decided daves mini shark grout brush can double as a wood floor joint brush. With the mini shark, I hit the areas that had caked on soil in the joints and the customer was ecstatic...
  8. LookNGood

    Learn from the best

    @Scott W teaching at his rug cleaning class at interlink in Salem, NH
  9. LookNGood

    New Carpet Pad

    Tempurpedic carpet pad, it feels nice. But let's see what happens...
  10. LookNGood

    The power of the Internet

  11. LookNGood

    Holy crap, nice catch!

    Surfing YouTube I came across this.
  12. LookNGood

    Yelp should...

    Yelp should allow other members to respond to reviews. For example I see bad reviews on pages for establishments I frequent. Reading them I can't help but think, "basically you are just an unreasonable person." One review for a sandwich shop I frequent compared it to another which I also...
  13. LookNGood

    Credit score

    What's your current credit score and what are you doing to improve it? Do you know how? Do you have the means? Unfortunately a bad credit score can hold you back from many things, but a good score can help open many doors. I know a lot of guys say run debt free, and sure that can in theory...
  14. LookNGood

    The RMV

    So I show up at the RMV a minute ago, right at 9 when they open. What do I find? A line legitimately 50 people long. It makes me think, how long did the first person wait? Wait an hour for the place to open, or wait in line for an hour? Same thing, or not?
  15. LookNGood

    Cleanco Truck Mount

    Does anyone have anything good or bad to say about a cleanco truck mount? Their footprint is the smallest of what I have seen. That has me very interested.
  16. LookNGood

    Rug cleaning scam evolved?

    What do you guys think? Legit or scam?
  17. LookNGood


    What the f**k does Windows think they are doing with this shit. I wake up today thinking, I'm feeling a quick round of gaming before work, well because I'm the boss and I can. Well Windows 10 had something else to say about it. They auto update my pc, which takes me 20 minutes just to start...
  18. LookNGood

    Black belt school?

    @prosteamsonomacounty This is what you picture when you think of Karate/Kenpo/Taekwondo I could not stop laughing. When they do they forms I'm pretty sure he says "now for the fifth degrees" The white belts at my dojo would whoop these dudes all day. Waist high kicks...what are those...
  19. LookNGood

    Funny court show

  20. LookNGood

    New uniforms

    What do you think? All Nike golf apparel. Ridiculously comfortable. But also fairly expensive...since I am an owner operator I figured it was a good value for the comfort and professionalism. First day wearing it today.
  21. LookNGood

    Is it safe?

    I can't help but laugh (on the inside) when people ask if my cleaning products are safe. I want to respond "no they aren't. I am trying to give myself cancer ASAP by breathing the harshest stuff I can get my hands on. And I love leaving a wake of lawsuits by poisoning my customers" How do you...
  22. LookNGood

    The winner taps

    @Prosteam-sonomacounty So the kid is winning this fight and decides to tap out. What do you think? Me personally I agree with the kid who tapped, it was a mismatch and he could have probably done some real damage if the other kid kept coming back for more punishment. He was already bleeding...
  23. LookNGood

    Ryobi Pressure Washer daily deal

    Hey guys this ryobi pressure washer is on sale. I use it for cleaning tile with my lower psi portable. I also have a high psi portable but it's easier to bring my "carpet portable" with me always and just set up this pump rather than bringing both portables with me. It takes a little bit...
  24. LookNGood

    Rigid pump out

    Anyone seen this? It is a pump out for a rigid wet vac