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  1. vader

    Vent: A little common sense..please.

    Not sure if its the right place to post, my apologizes. This past Sunday I went to do carpet spotting at 2 places. Both are the same Dr's office just two different locations. Besides cutting corners, not vacuuming under desks or along the edges and just moping making it worse is one thing...
  2. vader

    Spray Paint On Tiles.

    Hey, Guys. So the other day got a call from one of our clients. Its a construction company they have a shipping container that they are converting into a office site (its moveable when the project is done) i'm sure you've seen them. They had the outside painted but lot of the painted entered...
  3. vader

    Left over stains, or possible colour loss ?

    Hey everyone. So i'm still very new to the carpet cleaning. Few days I got called to do some stain removal. The owners dog crapped on the carpet had some diarrhea, this was last Friday. They tried to clean it themselves, rented a rug doc and used some products, (I have no idea what they used)...
  4. vader

    Anyway to replace color loss do to bleeding ?

    Today I went to strip floors at this small clinic we've done it for years, stripped several times. Today while stripping the kitchen/lunch room I noticed that the stripper was turning green. The floor has a checkerboard look to it, instead of black and white tiles, it's white and green. My...
  5. vader

    Glue here, glue there, glue the f#*k everywhere....

    Last month we started to do work on a brand new building, basically a fancy all windows big city building. One of the main problems that we've come across now is on the lobby outside windows have a sticky glue left over. Now we could scrape and scrape, but that would scratch the sh-t out of the...
  6. vader

    Concrete or cement on glass.

    Hey. So today we started doing windows on a brand new building, still under construction but we did start one floor. Heres the thing. Its a 4 story high building, 60,000 sq feet, and its 95% all glass. During the building process when they laid down the concrete or cement lot of it ran down...
  7. vader

    Easier way to clean floors after construction ?

    Since summer is coming up and lot newer home are being built, so that means after construction clean-up. I will say when it comes to cleaning homes, brand new ones are the easiest, mainly dust, some paint, dry mud. However the wood floors seem to take a little longer. Mainly cause the workers...
  8. vader

    How long are we held "responsible" after a job is done.

    Today I got a text from the boss saying one of the jobs I did window cleaning about 3 weeks ago the owners were having a hard time closing the window apparently its stuck. It's sunday so needless to say between the boss, the owners husband whos not in town and all I got is his number, the wife...
  9. vader

    Car dealerships - Cheap ?

    Have any of you done or do a car dealer ship or any dealers (legal) ? And do you find them to be cheap ? We've done a few in the past and tho they didn't have problems with us, one dealer asked if we would come back, however problem was the money we were barely making any.
  10. vader

    Best way to clean blinds with fabric covering ?

    Gotta call from a lady today she wants the blinds in her office done, however they are the fabric kind with the actual blind divider inside the fabric. So how does one go on about clean in it ? Was thinking off making a type of water and detergent and scrub it by hand and then put it in a...
  11. vader

    Police Cruisers

    Wondering which is the best way to clean out the back of the police cars, i.e. vomit, urine, feces, and other bodily fluids. Anyone get calls from their local police to go and do a quick clean-up ? Thanks.
  12. vader

    Weird, odd, funny things that you've found while cleaning.

    I'm sure this has been asked to death.......since i'm to lazy to search and everyone hates when older threads are bounced. So what are some things that you or a co-worker have found while cleaning. One time while cleaning a duplex, the guy living there just moved out, went into the washroom...
  13. vader

    Waxing heated floors ?

    I'm sure anyone who does floor care has done some stripping and wax at someones house. For me its always a weird thing. My question is if you were to add wax on heated flooring (tiles) would the heat loosen the wax, making it weak and basically making them a liquid like when applying and if...
  14. vader

    Anybody reading a good book ?

    Any of you guys reading or finished a book ? Was it good, bad, or just crap. I'm always interested in what people like to read. And am always looking for another good book. I still have to finish. The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World - Alexandre Roy...
  15. vader

    Cleaning a smokers car ?

    Can car that has been smoked in for a few month or years be cleaned out, or does the interior have to be ripped out ? I've cleaned homes of smokers, sometimes had to redo the walls 2-3 times. And then after words had to be re-painted Thanks.
  16. vader

    Carpet Dying Procedures - vid ?

    Hey everyone. I took a carpet cleaning technician training course, last year. Needless to say I failed, i'm gonna take a re-test next week, i'm reading the book, but I would like to see something visual. Durning the course the teacher showed as a vid on the carpet dying procedures. It explained...