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  1. Spraybuff54

    We are not pros but good results from my staff

    I manage the custodian dept at a small college in NC . I have 14 employees part & full time. Summer work consist of refinishing vct, hot water extraction, window cleaning and for the past 3 years we’ve started pressure washing our buildings and sidewalks. We go outside the norm of regular...
  2. Spraybuff54

    What’s happening on these joints?

    This floor gets burnished 2x month, stripped 1x yr & scrubbed / recoat 1x yr. it’s very old and has lots of dirty traffic. These areas go away after stripping but come back and they appear to go away when mopping but it’s only temporary
  3. Spraybuff54

    Floor Decal

    I have a local fire department I buff 1x month & strip n wax 1x year. The chief just called and is wanting to put down a 24”x24” 3M vinyl floor decal. My question is can this type be waxed over? Will it be okay to strip the floor in that area? Would it be better to keep any finish off the decal...
  4. Spraybuff54

    Don't burnish with white pads??

    I've been doing hard floor & carpet care for 12 years both as a supervisor at a local college in my area & as a side business. Recently we had a couple of our burnishers 1500 advolutions need rectifiers. My service guy told me it was because they were using white pads. I've used white pads on...
  5. Spraybuff54

    New vct

    Do any of you guys strip new vct or do you have another method. I've always did a light strip after a few days of curing for the adhesive, but some major deadlines are coming up & my facilities director is wanting floors to be finished the very next day. Note: my full time gig is I am the...
  6. Spraybuff54

    Functional Training

    Any of you guys on here do crossfit or any other type of functional fitness?? I've found that doing functional training about 6 months out of the year really helps my back & hip positions when moving any type of heavy floor cleaning equipment. The short intense workouts also fit easily into my...
  7. Spraybuff54

    What happened??

    This happened to me last year. After a stripp and rinse this is what the 1st coat of finish looked like. I eventually stripped it off and came back next day & everything went fine. I switched finish . I switched mop heads & neither fixed it. 10 years of cleaning this was a 1st.