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  1. LFC

    How long does it take to start a carpet cleaning business in the US?

    Over here I could buy my equipment at 9:00am and be cleaning carpets at 9:05am. I don’t need any insurance or licence to operate. How long does it take you guys to set up before you can legally start work? and how much for your licence,Insurance etc...The one thing we are legally required to do...
  2. LFC

    Champions league final tonight....

    Probably the biggest game in world sport after the World Cup. Tonight it’s Real Madrid v Liverpool FC. Could be the best match ever.
  3. LFC

    Looks like you Americans....

    Are trying to take ove the Royal family one at a time.
  4. LFC

    World Darts

    Just thought I'd let you know the world Darts are on live. Your guys on he's playing ok, but getting beat by one set in the best of three. Makes sense now why no one else plays in your World Series :):)
  5. LFC

    USA Fans. V European Fans

    have a look at this video by an American guy comparing the two sets of fans for atmosphere at the stadium... . The club he thinks is from Sweden is actually Liverpool FC (England)
  6. LFC

    No USA in next years World Cup

    never mind boys it gives you more time to play with your guns.
  7. LFC

    Steve Andrews

    Anyone know if Steve Andrews is still around. I've tried his website, but it's no longer listed.
  8. LFC

    Please tell me this isn't true.
  9. LFC

    Is Germany the new leader of the free world?

    After Angela Merkel saying that Europe can no longer depend on the U.S. or UK is she becoming the voice and new leader of the free world. What will this do to American influence around the world and will it stregthen Russia. Could be changing times ahead.
  10. LFC

    Upholstery turned pink

    I received a call from a client who's sofa I cleaned two months ago, telling me that the sofa has turned pink. I called out to have a look at it and sure enough it has large pink patches all over it. Can this be rectified? If so how? I remember Scott posting something a few years back about...
  11. LFC

    AQUA MIX sealer and coating remover

    Any of you guys on here stock Aqua Mix sealer and coating remover and ship to the Uk? I need about 10 Gallons ASAP.
  12. LFC

    A Message from her Majesty the Queen

    October 24 2016 · A MESSAGE FROM THE QUEEN To the citizens of the United States of America from Her Sovereign Majesty Queen Elizabeth II In light of your failure in recent years to nominate competent candidates for President of the USA and thus to govern yourselves, we hereby give notice of...
  13. LFC

    Hydro-Force Sprayer

    My hydra-force chemical pre-spray bottle is filling up from the solution hose rather than emptying when I'm pre-spraying. Anyone have an idea why this is happening and how to fix it?
  14. LFC

    Big day for us Brits...

    We go to the polls today to decide whether we stay or leave the European Union. I hope we make the right decision. I wil be voting to leave as I do not think freedom of movement should mean freedom to our benefit system and NHS. .
  15. LFC

    Peaky Blinders or The Night Manager

    Which do you guys prefer.
  16. LFC

    Water damaged rug video...

    New water damaged Rug video... .
  17. LFC

    Twenty Twenty Cricket

    Now I'm not a great lover of cricket, most times I would sooner watch paint dry. However, I must admit this twenty/20 World Cup has really got me. Any of you guys watching it? Probably a stupid question.
  18. LFC

    Proof Men can multi task...

  19. LFC

    I was looking for a book on UK immigration...

    I saw this book shop the other day so decided to have a look inside, almost immediately two men dressed in dresses came over and asked what I wanted, I said 'Do you have a copy of the book on the United Kingdoms policy regarding deportation of immigrants? One of the gentlemen said, "Fu*k off get...
  20. LFC

    So whats the biggest amount of crap you've gotten out of a rug?

    Picked up two identical rugs the the other day from the same house. The first one I carried out was fine, the second one (the daughters) was bloody heavy. Couldn't believe the amount of shite that came out of it. By the looks of it I think its vanish sprinkled on and she's not been able to...
  21. LFC

    If you've got kids you'll understand this...

    If you have kids you'll understand this. If you don't then look out for whats to come. .
  22. LFC

    WOW! You Americans take your guns really seriously...

    OK, I bought a new spray gun for carpet dyeing from a company in the states. I know its a gun, but this is a little over the top don't you think. Especially the first two bullet points in the always section. .
  23. LFC

    Anyones kids wanting a new dog for Christmas?

    Get yourself one of these. Make sure you have a few bob in the bank though, as that thing will eat you out of house and home. Personally I think its photoshopped. .
  24. LFC

    Well I'm ready for halloween are you!

  25. LFC

    A must for all Men...