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  1. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    waste tank full cut off stopped working

    Hi. Do you have any idea how the waste tank full cut off works on my Ace Chemspec. Mine has stopped working. The float switch is good as it activates a full indicator light on front of machine but does not cut machine off when tank is full. It used to work OK.
  2. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    High Temperature Problem

    My Chemspec Ace Truck mount dumps water when I set to the higher temp of 240. When set on 180 everything is ok. I'm guessing the problem is the sensor. Where is it? There seems to be a few sensors on the exchangers but I have no idea which one it is. Can anyone help?
  3. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Temperature Switch...which one???

    My machine is dumping when i set to 240F Is this the switch that needs replacing?
  4. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Getting allot of complaints about the noise of my truckmount

    Hi guys. I am running an ACE Chemspec truck mount and get allot of complaints about the noise the machine makes. I was thinking of taking the 2 exhausts down through the floor and connecting them to a standard van silencer ( I think one is for engine and other for blower... I think the blower...
  5. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Urgent Help Required... Last step chemical problem

    Just fitted a new 3 way valve... like for like. I have fitted new valve exactly same as it was before with old valve. Now I can NOT get chemical system to prime ... even when using vac hose. Any ideas guys???
  6. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Urgent help needed

    Just purchased a Chemspec ACE 4532AC truck mounted machine. Only 170 hrs from new but can not get water pressurized in system. Water runs through and round machine as can see flow in water box, but will not pressurize and come out of the water out connector at front of machine. Any ideas as to...
  7. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Chemspec 4523ac (ACE) Truck Mount Manual Required

    Chemspec 4523ac (ACE) Truck Mount Manual Required. Can anyone help and email me a copy?
  8. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Project finished

    Thought you guys would like to have a look at the Steam Genie Rebel 45 I have saved from death. It was a complete wreck when I got it. Now it runs like new...
  9. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Do any of you guys do this?

    Thinking of putting guy in a van with truckmount fitted and sending him out there. Do any of you guys do this and if so what is good way of doing it. Pay hourly rate, per job or commission. What about fuel costs, insurance etc and marketing costs? Ideas welcome.
  10. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Part enquiry from US to UK

    Hi all. I need a Dema venturi valve for a machine and would like to put the original one back on as a replacement. The valve is a Dema 273-9 valve but can not get them here in the UK. I am aware that they are available in the US but can not get a supplier to ship me one to the UK. I was...
  11. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Electrical issue doin' my head in. My head feels like it's gonna explode. Help needed!!!

    Got an electrical issue with the trucky. When the engine is running the starter motor keeps turning. When the wire in harness plug (1) is removed it stops the starter from turning and engin seems to run ok. The wire in question has a diode inline and the diode seems to be ok, so does anyone know...
  12. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    I wonder if anyone may be able to help (Electrical problem)

    I wonder if anyone may be able to help. As you know I am rebuilding a steam genie rebel 45 but seem to have come across a stumbling block. On the main engine electrical block there is a wire that goes to the coil (+ side) that has a diode on it. What is this wire for? The reason I ask is because...
  13. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Leaking Exhaust Heat Exchanger

    On a machine I am sorting there is a blower heat exchanger and a set of 3 exhaust heat exchangers. Upon tesing today I found that there was water coming out of the exhaust. Upon closer inspection (stripping down exhaust heat exchangers) I noticed that one of the 3 has a leak. It is coming from...
  14. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Pressure and water temperature... are they related?

    Just building an old Steam Geine Rebel 45 back up and on first initial test the water pressure was not very high. Guessing the Hydra Cell needs a rebuild kit? I also noticed the water temp did not got very hot. Does the water take longer to heat when pressure in heat exchangers is low?
  15. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Help required, thermostat controller is broken

    I am re building a SteamGenie Rebel 45 and have noticed that the thermostat controller is broken. It appears that the thermocouple has snapped that goes from the thermostat controller to the water box. My question is this. Can I fit any thermostat controller on the machine, lets say for example...
  16. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Chemspec/Steemgenie truckmount questions

    Known as Chemspec Hydrafoil in UK - Steemgenie Rebel 45 in US I have recently purchased one of these machines but it was in a hell of a state. Basically not looked after but seemed to work ok. The machine has been completely stripped and all parts labeled, cleaned, and repainted where needed...
  17. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    machine manual wanted... can anyone please help

    Hi everyone. I am trying to track down a manual for a Steem Genie Rebel 45. Can anyone help. Or does anyone have the same machine and can help me with finding out more about the machine.
  18. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Steam Genie Help required

    I am a UK carpet cleaner and run a Steam Genie 45 Sizzler. I have just purchased what I think is a Steam Genie 47 ... but it has an exhaust heat exchanger, not a Propane heater. The machine is a runner but is in need of stripping and rebuilding with some parts/hoses to be changed. Does anyone...
  19. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Owners manual wanted

    I am trying to get hold of an owners manual for a Steam Genie GEMINI-47 truckmount. Can anyone help.
  20. The Carpet Cleaning Pro

    Little Giant Heater problem for UK user

    Hi guys, I am in the uk and use a steam geine sizzler 45 dual wand. Can someone help me out with a little giant heater problem. The problem is the pilot light will not stay lit. It lights ok and we hold down the button for along time but it will not stay lit. Can someone please help me with...