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    TMF Private Party in Las Vegas

    Come join us at the BEER PARK which is attached to the Paris Hotel - TMF & Friends will be here at 8:30pm after the 1st day of The Experience Expo, come let us know if you can make it! 9/18 8:30pm Beer Park ROOF TOP BAR at the Paris Hotel
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    New Odorcide Duralast Multi-Purpose Deodorizers

    Introducing NEW multi-purpose Odorcide Duralast! New Duralast eliminates all types of odors in residential and commercial properties. Same odor neutralizing chemistry as the current popular Odorcide in a less expensive option. Safe to use on all surfaces, Duralast is applied directly to the odor...
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    TMF Store Labor Day Weekend Sale! $25 off $200+

    Starting today you can get $25 off orders over $200 by using promo code: LAB25 at final checkout, shop here =
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    TMF's 11 Year Anniversary Sale, here is your promo code!

    Well it has been 11 years since we started TMF, it sure has been a joy ride! Here are our specials for the next 48 hours: 25% OFF $2500+ chemicals 20% OFF $1500+ chemicals 11% OFF $500+ chemicals 5% OFF $100+ chemicals NO CODE NEEDED! Equipment sale get 11% off...
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    Help me convince Rob Allen to Las Vegas Experience Event. .....

    I need your help..Every year I try to get my father @rob allen to come with me to The Experience Carpet Cleaning Convention in Las Vegas ....he always goes to the east coast event but RARELY the West Coast. I think if I can get enough members to convince him to go he would probably come out...
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    FREE Rug Washing Course from TMF (July Special)

    Get a FREE Rug Washing TMF Academy Course when you buy 8 jars of TMF chemicals (all same OR mix n match) - no promo code needed, just put in your order here =
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    Best Urine Stain & Odor Remover 'UNCHAINED' now comes in Pails

    Who wants a PAIL of Unchained? Today we announce 5 gallon bucket of UNCHAINED 'Sweet Breeze' - 1st 30 people get $31 OFF, FREE SHIPPING and TMF Rewards back - click the link below:
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    $20 off Bio Pro 10k Pails and FREE Shipping ends today!

    Get $20 off Bio Pro 10k with free shipping, click the link below and use promo code: BPF at final checkout (or by clicking the link below will auto add the promo code) - This works for EVERY biopro 10k pail you buy...
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    $20 Off Groutmaster + Free Shipping - Ends at 12!

    Get $20 off+free shipping EACH GroutMaster PAIL - use code: 20grout - Expires at 12 today and this thread will be removed
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    Featured Get your new discount code

    Want a NEW discount code for your next TMF order? Like this post and send a text message to 1-757-300-1807 and say: TMF
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    OPPS! Sorry!!

    Opps! Sorry!! The internet yesterday decided to be very un-chill, many sites went down such as Google, Vimeo and even the TMF STORE for many hours. As a way to say “We’re sorry”, here’s $15 off your next order over $50 - use code SRY15 at checkout. Code ends in 24 hours...
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    SALE: Orbot Vibe, Sprayborg, LiFe Machines

    Limited time only, price drop on each Orbot machine today, also many include chemical credit, loyalty reward cash back and TMF Academy Courses with certifications! Orbot Sprayborg Orbot Life =...
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    Buy 7 jars of USOR Unchained and get 1 FREE + 5% Off + Free Shipping!

    Buy 7 UNCHAINED jars get 1 jar FREE + 5% OFF + Free Shipping + Stone/Tile Course! No code needed, just add 7 jars to your cart! Limited stock hurry!!
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    Free Shipping on Black Label Jars & Pails!

    Black Label FREE SHIPPING! 48 Hours! Jars & Pails! Act fast! No promo code needed!
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    1st 100 people gets this for FREE & FREE Shipping!!

    My father and I have worked on this project for many many months, this item is ground breaking for our industry which has a lot of secret tips & tricks, phenomenal quality made, extremely large 11x17, fully laminated and very detailed. We would like to give this secret gift to the 1st 100...
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    Donate Gifts for Autism Children (

    Donate Autism Gifts to TMF (NO money will be accepted) - TMF will be sending off each random gift to the parents* here on TMF who has Children/Teenagers that has Autism and the left over gifts will be provided to a local ABA therapy. TMF recommends that you Google top gifts for children/teens...
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    Share TMF Products & Earn Money back!
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    Colored Swivel Wands Back in Stock!

    We have a very limited supply of colored limited edition carpet cleaning wands! New colors IN STOCK! Hurry they might sell out TODAY!
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    Instant Financing for Orbital Machines (Orbot Vibe, Sprayborg, LiFe, Cimex)

    TMF offers instant financing at the final checkout, just choose Klarna and you can get instant qualified for financing. Check out the latest OP Machines:
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    Featured Ultimate Fiber Rinse - The safest and best rinse for cleaners!

    Ultimate Fiber Rinse (which is a liquid rinse) drops the pH, more acidic (does NOT clog lines as this is a liquid!), has extraction emulsifiers, has cleaning ability, synergistic with TMF Presprays, leaves carpets soft with no sticky residue, more concentrated, prevents resoiling and safer than...
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    New Product: EcoCide Citrus Lush

    Click the image to view more information about the new Ecocide Citrus Lush which is made from Plant based essential oils.
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    TMF President Sales

    Get 10% off all chemicals and 5% off all equipment! View the image below to view the promo codes to enter at checkout and you can go buy here: Chemicals = Equipment =
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    Truck mount mechanics for repairs and tune-ups?

    Would you let a truckmount mechanic come to your place to repair your truckmounts / maintenance/tune-ups - instead of leaving it at a cleaning supply for days?
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    Forum update - Will be resolved within 48 hours

    We understand that everyone now is on a default old theme, we are still in the works of updating our massive website - please bare with us for up to 48 hours to resolve.
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    Rotovac Bonzer, Orbot Vibe, Orbot Sprayborg, Turbo Force Tile Tool

    Tons of killer deals with TMF Academy courses and more! Buy today to save on your 2018 taxes by writing these purchases off: SHOP BY CLICKING HERE