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  1. JAY

    picked these up today

    saw an add online today for 2 175rpm for $100. i had to go check em out. i tested both and they seemed to be ok. no issues. they were both in good condition as best i could tell from a visual and floor test. the guy says he put about 20hrs on each. only one block drive for the 13" clark but...
  2. JAY

    Fireplace soot?

    i am wondering how you guys would have cleaned this 3rd gen nylon that was in a room with this wood burning fireplace. i didnt notice or feel soot on the cielings or walls so i am not certain of much other than...... the uncoverd areas of the carpet were almost uniformly darker than what was...
  3. JAY

    Waste tank seal failure

    Hi all, Wondering what anyone else here does with a waste tank lid seal that does not hold in one particular spot? It is a 100gal stainless and the issue area does not apear to have any problems. Both lid and tank lip are smooth and straight. Ive used properly used door and window silicone...