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    Does Mytee use Chinese Vac motors?

    Are Mytee's made in the USA? I see that some websites are claiming that Mytee uses Chinese vac motors. Is this true?
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    Which is more important in a portable ? From Cleancraft: Lets breakdown a carpet cleaning machine. Basically, it is a machine that sprays water onto the carpet and sucks the water & dirt back up. There are other features that make carpet cleaning machines more dynamic, such as...
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    NEW ROTOVAC CFX 360 video, Eliminate The Bucket Brigade. This is a nice little Next Generation Carpet cleaning system. Thank you for the great video RotoVac....
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    New Kleenrite VAC BOOST

    KleenRite's NEW High Performance Vac Boost
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    Rotovac CFX 360

    Is anyone using the CFX 360 system . I heard that they are coming out with a 250 psi pump and 30 gallon tank for it soon, just wondering how the water recovery is and dry times ?