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  1. Priceless

    ASA Jimmy,thought you could use this as your backup

  2. Priceless

    ASA You guys ever...

    Have a problem getting some white grout back to its original look? I had this job with some fairly new grout(3 kids and she is not going to win housekeeper of the year)and even with an acid clean it got about 3/4s the way.I never promise "new" again,especially white...what say you.
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    ASA How come?

    People think this profession is so easy to start?
  4. Priceless

    ASA What is?

    The best color to paint your truckmount?Camouflage?White?Red,white and blue?
  5. Priceless

    ASA Why?

    Just keeping pace with the last 20 post
  6. Priceless

    ASA How many?

    How many wands do you carry?
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    ASA What ...

    What music do you listen to in your van?
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    ASA What color?

    What color is your van?
  9. Priceless

    ASTM Oil Slick

    Couple weeks ago I noticed a line of oil parallel to my flywheel,now it is getting on other things.Its my main seal,and my problem is this bottom end was redone 200 hrs ago(S.O.B.).So,I am lucky my system is so wide open and replacing it is just pulling the pully off and removing the bullet...
  10. Priceless

    ASA wesite/seo

    I just wanted to give kudos to Jeff and Eric at WOC for getting me going on a website and seo.I have only been up a week or two in my home city and I have gotten 2 jobs this week.I am (they) are working my outlying cities now and if things keep up I will be quite busy in the future.They did an...
  11. Priceless

    ASA Rotary extractor

    Anybody using one?The older I get I look to make it easier on myself,the only problem I had was the dry times but then they went with just 3 jets.Is this helping in the dry times?are you still getting enough flushing out of them?do the glides help with dry times?I want a difference compared to a...
  12. Priceless

    ASA Bone Dry

    Has anybody used this encap?could you post your thoughts? Thanks
  13. Priceless

    ASA duct cleaning

    Just thought I should probably contribute,if any of you guys are planning on getting into this area I thought I might tell you what could be your most valueable tool.An inspection camera.I would schedule an inspection,run the camera through the duct work,seeing is believing.If they did not want...