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    Does anyone know a proper line item for Staircase removal?

    You have to break it down by the staircase component for example tread, risers, and so forth. Then use the action remove. You could always go T/M too, but Xactimate is only suggesting $37 an hour for stair labor. Then you have the disposal and so forth. If your not the one installing new...
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    Carpet Cleaning vs Water Damage & Restoration

    Fanatic, I know you posted a few months ago and I read some of these posts and have something more for you to consider. Sounds like your going with carpet cleaning. I would recommend contacting several local mitigation companies and discussing referrals with them. In my market here in...
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    Weekly rate for dehumidifiers

    JRJ ProClean, I agree with some of the other posters, charge the insurance carrier daily. Don't forget to charge for set up and monitoring of the equipment as well. If the insurance company wants a break, tell them you can give them a break after they start referring jobs to you. If its a...
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    Water Extraction in Apartments Parking Garage (Basement) Need Help With Price

    MRG, MRG, I have Xactimate, if it's an insurance job, I'll write the invoice for you this time for free and negotiate it with the adjuster. After that, if you like the outcome lets talk, if not, don't use me. Shoot me an email if you're interested. I would need dates and times, photos, claim...
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    Why Should I Hire a Water Damage Service?

    Water Damage Service, Tell your customer that addressing the water damage now, is far more cost-effective than addressing mold damage later. Then tell them by later, you mean next week. A better question is why hire your company? Or, why is your company better than the big box program vendor...
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    Xactimate Estimates

    Hello, I am a new member but have read these forums for a while before registering. I was wondering if anyone else writes Xactimate estimates for other companies and what they charge? I currently write for several companies and charge a % for writing and negotiating with the adjuster, but...