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  1. Plaza78

    Bad/false review response.

    Anyone have experience with how to respond to a bad or false review? Had a customer write a false review. Job went well . Days after she said everything was great. But when I called her again about her returned check. Things went bad. Haven't got paid and still have that bad review.
  2. Plaza78

    Hose busted

    Anyone know where I can look to locate where this hose connects, started machine and eater just gushed out of it
  3. Plaza78

    Guarantee stain removal?

    Has any one had a customer call and ask for you to remove a certain stain. Not cleaning just device to remove the stain .And they want it guaranteed to be removed, so they don't pay for removal if your efforts are not successful? Do you just charge them your minimum service fee? Or some other...
  4. Plaza78

    Italian dressing on canvas couch

    Any ideas? Customer spilled Italian dressing on this couch. Seems to be in the padding. As the fabric is very thin. IKEA couch canvas.
  5. Plaza78

    Leather couch cleaning..

    Can anyone give me any tips on how to clean this couch. I think it's aniline leather . Also what to charge mor or less
  6. Plaza78

    Favorite prespray and emulsifier for commercial jobs?

    Trying to figure out a good combination for commercial jobs.
  7. Plaza78

    Kindergarten/daycare daily cleaning

    Got a quote for a kindercare location. It's about 9,000 square feet. Lots of flooring. They want daily janitorial visits. Any ideas or suggestions on how to bid this. I normally do smaller offices with one visit a week.
  8. Plaza78

    Reasonable insurance for equipment?

    Does anyone know if a company to insure truck mounts?
  9. Plaza78

    Wand stroke preference or more effective?

    Does anyone have a preference or a wand stroke method that they find more effective? I currently use the trigger going forward then release back. And at the end do a dry pass. Just started out so just wanted some input. Thanks
  10. Plaza78

    New Buisness price per room or square foot?

    Just wanted to ask. I just started up cleaning carpets. I currently do janitorial. What is the average charge per room or square foot for residential . And what is the square foot charge usually for commercial. I'm a bit lost on the is . Just don't want to charge too low and not be profitable. I...