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  1. dex

    T Rex low suction

    I bought a new T Rex and hooked it up to work. Using a Natalus Extreme two big 8" vacs with a Mytee air hog booster , two more vacs, so 4 vacuums running. Suction was fantastic at the end of the 100 foot of 2 inch hose, hooked it the the T Rex did some carpet cleaning but I could tell...
  2. dex

    Dust mop Hardware

    The best most maneuverable dust mop hardware ever made , now obsolete, not made anymore. If you have a hundred janitors like I do , dust mopping hundreds of tile rooms every day you want the absolute best tool you can find for that job. If anyone has any of these around they are just...
  3. dex

    Walk behind portables

    I have used 4 or 5 different styles and brands of the all in one walk behind carpet extractors. Recovery percentage of water is not great but if you are just doing a bunch of long narrow hallways in big commercial buildings it makes some improvement in the look of the carpeting. My question...
  4. dex

    Portable Pack Animal

    Love auto fill auto dump with a separate heater box, three clean plugs and I have unlimited hot water and don't have to worry about where to empty a truck full of dirty water. It can take up to an hour to carry everything in and set everything up, but once you do there is great pay back in a...
  5. dex

    Short High Presure lines

    Anyone have a good resource for the short high pressure lines inside the portable machines, 12 inch, 15 inch , 25 inch lines with female swivels pressed on each end. I have found some but $30 apiece for a 22 inch line with swivels seems like a lot. Dex
  6. dex

    Textured Wallpaper

    Anyone every try to clean a fabric textured wallpaper, it is actually wallpaper and not just a fabric clued to the wall. So you get it the slightest bit wet and add some suction , it starts to pull off the wall. They probable should have used a vinyl wall covering but they didn't . So...
  7. dex

    Best ,Simplest Portable

    I have a customer that wants to buy a portable with a wand to clean hotel rooms, simple, one cord , no bells and whistles wanted , just reliable and simple. Anyone have some favorites. They borrow my old Castex machines all the time now, which never break down, real easy to use, kind of...
  8. dex

    Spinner with scrub brush motor

    One other need, a spinner like tool with a powered scrub brush, something like the RX20 but not that bulky, can you give me some suggestions. we are setting up some huge rubber floors and need something smaller to reach the tight spots that a autoscrubber can not get into, like around...
  9. dex

    Flood Seal Mosaic Tile Grout Lines

    Guys I need to flood seal about 30,000 sq.ft. of 1 inch mosaic tile to get the grout lines sealed. I was thinking of using Aqua Seal Gold but it cost like it's name implies. any other suggestions for a 15 year sealer that is not $125/gallon, has to be water based bty Dwain
  10. dex

    Rubber Floors

    Does anyone have experience with large rubber floors? I am trying to settle on the best way to initially clean them and then maintain them. They say not to flood them to scrub but they are so absorbent that you wind up doing just that to clean them, wait a day and sealer goes on but...
  11. dex

    Rubber Floors weight rooms etc

    they always say these floors are "no wax" surfaces but they look terrible and are hard to keep clean unless you wax them. It is a little tricky to clean them and not get water under the rubber tiles since they are just layed down and not clued tight but we have found they clean up better...
  12. dex

    TMF store closed?

    did I miss something, I do not see the store anymore, wanted to get somemore Tile Master 3N1 tile and Grout prespray. dex
  13. dex

    Need a Contractor with experience

    I earlier posted some pictures about a concrete floor that needs fixing under the heading of "Concrete Disaster". I think we need to grind off the dark color and acrylic cure and seal. I need a consistent uniform looking product when all is said and none to present our tenant. They are...
  14. dex

    Concrete Finish Disaster

    10,000 sq.ft of concrete, power troweled with steel blades , for a dark even hard finish then Cure&Seal solvent acrylic spray . Looked great first day! like a dark sea of glass. next day construction started and now several months later final clean reveals a horribly scratched up floor ...
  15. dex

    Low volume high pressure tile cleaning

    to get high pressure tile and grout cleaning we hook up an electric pressure washer 1000 psi to a spinner and use one of our M5 extractors for the suction and auto dump. cleans great with 0 agitation but too many gpm for the auto dump to handle. I wish there was high pressure low water...
  16. dex

    M5 No auto meter system How do you rinse carpet

    For those that own and use the M5 units. I have a couple of these and a couple Mytee Hot aux heaters to go with them. so we prespray and fire up the units. work great, suction is great , heat is great, preasure is great , and on big jobs the auto fill auto dump is the best thing we have...
  17. dex

    Circuit Analyzer Tool Revisited

    I bought one of the circuit analyzer tools and really liked it. You can tell if the line you are pluging into is clean and strong and can handle the big draw from the M5 vacuums or the auxilery heater. I can also tell if the line already has too much load on it, maybe some computers ...
  18. dex

    Auto Fill Auto Dump tandum hoses

    Anyone using anything other than just two plain old garden hoses for auto fill auto dump? I wonder if anyone makes a tandum hose so they can roll up together? Dex
  19. dex

    Burnishing Electric Cord

    We have quite a few places where propane is not allowed so of coarse we spray buff or burnish if the floors are large enough. Resently we have been using the newest Advance Advolution 20. It is a 1500rpm but I have not been as happy with it as the previous Advance burnishers. I think our...
  20. dex

    Spalling, Flaking & Pitting Marble floor

    Customer has a high polish beautiful marble floor suddenly this year it is spalling , flaking, pitting, Any one have an idea of the usual suspects for causing this type of problem. the 2000 square feet of formerly beautiful flooring looks like it now has a bad case of pimples, I think it...
  21. dex

    best equipment for cleaning grout

    What is the best set up you have used for cleaning grout, short of a truck mount. Is there a portable alive that will give you the presure and suction needed to really rival a truck mount set up with a spinner head?
  22. dex

    Percentage of water recovery

    tell me what you are happy with in the way of water recovery with the portables. I have been getting about 75 percent if I am careful and only about 50 percent if I am fast and sloppy. these are commercial jobs that we maintain several times a year as part of cleaning contracts. so these...
  23. dex

    mini spot extractors

    Can you give me your recomendations on any mini heated spot extractors . thank you, Dwain
  24. dex

    New Reader

    I have been reading the forum for a month and have picked up some good information. I am in Champaign Urbana Illinois and have run a contract cleaning service here for about 35 years. I am not an expert in carpet cleaning but this old dog is hoping to learn a few new tricks so thank you for...