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    How do I clean outside carpet with sand mold and algae by the beach

    I have outdoor carpet next to a hotel by the beach with a lot of sand mold and algae I tried all kinds of priest braids agitation was CRV machines and carpet rates and nothing seems to clean it but hot water extraction ones I hold it on the carpet with the trigger being pulled in for about a...
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    Mold in algae in outdoor carpet outside by the beach

    I have a job in Ocean City Maryland and outdoor carpet by the beach with a lot of sand Grime mold and algae blue carpet and I'm trying to clean it I tried all kinds of pre sprays and agitation with a crb machine and I cannot get it clean the only way I found to clean it is to hold my hot water...
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    Mold grim sand in outside carpet by the beach

    I have a job in ocean city Maryland. It's out side carpet right on the beach. it's blue carpet and has black grim on it I think it's mold and algae on it what chemistry can I use to clean it. I've tried I lot of prespray on it and nothing works but holding the my wand on it with hot water for a...
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    What is the best spotting kit to use

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