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  1. lucionk

    Peroxide bleaching nylon

    I got a customer......... He falls he bleeds.....and he falls a lot. I've pretreated with a 20 percent peroxide in a trigger spry bottle and come back in a couple hours. About 70% of the stains will be gone. The lighter stains that is . The remaining heavier stains take a little more work...
  2. lucionk

    Making a liquid spotter into a gel

    Is there a way to do this? I was thinking about mixing it with ky jelly.
  3. lucionk

    Anyone cleaned carpet in a paper mill ?

    Got a call this morning to clean carpet in a paper mill. Not an office complex but offices adjacent to the mill. 22000 square feet and they want it cleaned quarterly. Only problem is l can't get an eye on it cause you can't enter the mill without completing a safety course and drug test (which I...
  4. lucionk

    Changing out pumps in cobra H

    Got this old portable a couple years back and the pump went out. It has a surflo 100 psi and l want to go to an aquatec 220 psi (diaphragm pump). My question is will this pump have the same bolting pattern and wiring connections. I think the plumbing will hold up to the extra pressure.
  5. lucionk

    What's up with these vac hoses?

    I have two sets of vac hoses. One l bought new a few years back and one that came with a used system l bought. The first set is much stiffer than the latter. It constantly pops off the wand, uncoils on the reel, generally tugs and fights me as l use it. The older one is much more pliable and is...
  6. lucionk

    70 gallon solution tank problems

    I have coolant leaking in my tank meaning a leak in in the heater core. I know it's gotta be cut open and the leak welded. But lm afraid if the core leaks once it may leak again. A new core from bane is $429. It's a stainless tube about 8 feet long. Probably much cheaper to have it fabricated or...
  7. lucionk

    Carpet Fresh in wool rug

    I picked up a wool area rug to clean and under it was a lot of carpet fresh. My question is will it wick up to the top (like it does on commercial grade)? Never have it come up on a pile but never had it that l know of in wool.
  8. lucionk

    Wicking with cgd

    I am about to clean about 4000 ft of cgd withe a few wick back spots. The client told me the last cleaner said the spots are something in the concrete wickin up. Never heard this before. Not sure if she meant that it was a spill that soaked the subfloor or something actually coming out of the...
  9. lucionk

    Bane base unit belts

    Does anyone know which belts fit the bane base unit? Thanks
  10. lucionk

    Amp Draw

    Wondering how much power I am consuming per hour with a 9 amp draw. In terms of the cost that is. Just want a dollar figure to give the custy in the event they complain since I plug in to their home.
  11. lucionk

    PO Box or RR Box for business

    Always had a PO box for my business. We have just put up a RR box for my home and considered using that address for business. Is that secure? I cringe to think that checks might be stolen.
  12. lucionk

    Carpet wear question

    This might be a dumb question, but can wear in a dark commercial carpet look white? Got a callback from a customer complaining about maybe soap on the top, but Im sure it was there when I got there. Not soap or any powder cause its there just after the water hits it.
  13. lucionk

    I need a slip and fall form asap.

    I need this today if possible. A generic form would be great.
  14. lucionk

    Slow drying carpet

    Noticing that each time I clean a frieze carpet it takes a long time to dry. Guessing that I'm not getting a good seal at the slot or I'm just nuts.
  15. lucionk

    Need help on a business plan

    Would appreciate input it if you are in this niche. Basic statistics: 1. Rural south Alabama town. Population about 8,000. About 15000 in a 30 mile radius. 2. Three cleaners here including myself. One cleaner just retired. ( Cant get him to return my calls). One certain corporate...
  16. lucionk

    Starting up (again)

    Started my business fulltime 18 months ago in a town of 100,000. An unfortunate turn of events (death in family) has landed me in my hometown on the family farm. Town of about 8000. Probably 15000 in a 30 mile radius. I know a lot of the people here and though smaller I have gotten a better...
  17. lucionk

    diy browning treatment

    Just ran out of my rinse and need it in about three hours. Anybody have any ideas using general off the shelf products in a pinch?
  18. lucionk

    Corporate Accounts

    As I go door to door to businesses I frequently get "that authorization has to come from the corporate office" (AT&T, Radioshack, etc) Wondering if anyone has any sucess or ideas in pursuing corporate accounts.
  19. lucionk

    cobra H

    I just aquired this machine (cobra H) from a customer. The vacuum is very impressive but the pump is not great (100 psi diaphram). Dont know much about portables. Was wondering if the pump can be switched out for more pressure.
  20. lucionk

    Pet Odors

    I was wondering, do mild to moderate pet odors eventually dissipate (without further contamination)?
  21. lucionk

    12 month plan

    Hi Just moved to a new city. Haven't cleaned for a couple years. I am about to write a 12 month plan and was wondering what might need to be included.