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  1. OceanClnrs

    Leather Couch Cleaning?

    Hi there TMF! We are looking to expand into Leather Cleaning Couches. What products are you Guys/Gals using? Any additional info/tips would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. Thank you in advance for taking a few minutes out of your day to share your knowledge!
  2. OceanClnrs

    Commercial Contracts?! Newbie on 1st Commercial Job! Help PLEASE!

    Hello TMF! Newbies here needing to bid out a commercial job and are now desperately in need of a contract template to work with. ASAP. They expect to hear back by tomorrow. Would greatly appreciate the slightest help with this. PLEASE Kindly share a pic, link, document, whatever you have that...
  3. OceanClnrs

    Air dusting Rugs?! No Badger OR Wolverine

    Hello TMF Fam! We've been picking up with Rugs lately and are looking to do a better job with dusting to improve our service... BUT it is still not the best time for us to buy a Badger or Wolverine duster. In the meantime, we were looking for a more cost efficient method and are now glancing...
  4. OceanClnrs

    1 Man Crew, Large Rug UNDER Bed?!

    Hey Guys, Quick question... wondering if any of you have come up with any creative solutions! As a newer business, we can't afford extra help right now... yet we are finding that often times folk need us to pull large rugs from under heavy furniture! We are a 1 man crew. Luckily, we have...
  5. OceanClnrs

    Jute Rug?! No idea how to clean! Help Please

    Hello Guys! We just got a Jute Rug in and are stumped on how to clean in-plant?! We've read Don't wet, it shrinks, browning, clean by extraction method, DON'T USE extraction method? Would Prochem fine fabric prespray or chemspec oriental rug shampoo with an all fiber rinse, using hose down...
  6. OceanClnrs

    1st Commercial Job! Pricing?! Woven Vinyl Carpet Tips?

    Hello TMF Fam! We have our first commercial carpet cleaning job coming up and are in some desperate need of some tips! The Job: Woven Vinyl Carpet 2000 sqft of open floor plan, some furniture but, plenty of space to maneuver around Pricing- Guys, what price per sqft do you typically price...
  7. OceanClnrs

    Color loss on Wool Rug DUE Tuesday?! Please HELP !

    Hello TMF! We have an issue with some light grey color loss on a Wool Rug. It is a cream color rug, with grey criss-cross/diamond patterns. There were 3 dark dirt stains, one of which was located on one corner. We used one of our green label high traffic spotters safe on synthetic and wool on...
  8. OceanClnrs


  9. OceanClnrs

    Help PLEASE: Upholstery Cleaning Pre- Inspection Forms?!

    Hello TMF! Does anyone have a pre-inspection form that you could kindly share for Upholstery cleaning? We've thankfully found a good one for Carpet Cleaning and Rugs, but for some reason have not came across any for Upholstery. We mainly clean couches and some are in a bad shape already, so...
  10. OceanClnrs

    Selling Mini Wolverine Rug Duster?

    Hello! Does know anyone happen to know of any Mini Wolverines or Rug Badger dusters for sale? Thanks!
  11. OceanClnrs

    Does an All Fabric Rug Shampoo exist?

    Hello! Major Newbie looking for your help PLEASE. Can anyone please advise on whether or not there is such a thing as an All Fabric Area Rug Shampoo of some sort? Meaning, is there like a go-to basic shampoo/detergent to wash majority of rugs that are non-fancy? I see there are specialized...
  12. OceanClnrs

    Please Recommend a Rug Cleaning Rotary Machine?!?!

    Hello Fellow TMF Members! We are newbies to Area Rug Cleaning and are in desperate need of some pointers. Came across TMF and are thrilled to have found such a community. Currently, looking at purchasing supplies and would GREATLY APPRECIATE any recommendations on the types, specs and/or...