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  1. ronman

    To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question!

    So, 6 years into building my business, and I'm now at the point of wanting to grow it into multi trucks, and get off the truck myself. Exploring all avenues, and since marketing is the key to expansion, and brand recognition goes a long way in business, I'm curious about Franchises. I'd love to...
  2. ronman

    Pro chem legend Air Pump

    I replaced the air pump on my Legend about a year ago, and it made a huge improvement in my heat. Somewhere I found out that the air pumps are standard automotive parts, and I was able to get one from Autozone for $240. Today I got a PM from another member wanting to know the part number so he...
  3. ronman

    Green Glides, a review

    I received my Green Glides glides well over a year ago, and so this review is way past due, but I had some inner resistance to the used of glides. You see, when I first started cleaning carpets, way back in the 70's, I cleaned mostly sculpted carpets, using a Steemex Machine with a clear...
  4. ronman

    Wands? Titanium or Carbon Fiber

    After 5 years of porty cleaning, and finally getting a Prochem Legend, I thought it would be an easier job. Not necessarily so! The beast wand I got with my machine, combined with a 2" hose to the wand is brutal! I thought, no problem, I'll get used to it. Wrong! 6 months later, it still kicks...
  5. ronman

    HOUSECALL PRO Thread- I'm using it, Are you? Let's Talk Shop

    I've been signed up for several months, and I don't always use it. I can't explain why, maybe it's not the smoothest software, maybe I'm just an old fart who has trouble learning new technology. But I would like this to be a place where we can share our experiences with it, both positive and...
  6. ronman

    High Rise Work With Truckmount? What's the Highest you've ever gone?

    Truckmount only. I've got a job I've been doing for several years, 33 floor high rise, all hallways. I've been doing it with my recoil, or speedster, carrying all water to and from the basement. I just got a tm, with a Prochem Legend, and I'm wondering if the cat pump can push the water that...
  7. ronman

    Whats Your Favorite TM Wand/Glide Combo, and Why?

    I finally graduated to a TM, after 4 long years on a Recoil, (which I really like, I also have a speedster, but I prefer the recoil) and I'm pretty surprised at how much different it is. Not just heat, flow, pressure and suction, I expected that, hose wrangling, finding water,finding a drain...
  8. ronman

    Prochem Legend Float Switch Troubleshooting? How To?

    I finally got to run my Legend for 3 hours last night, and it really impressed me! But when I went out to the truck, it had blown water everywhere, because the float switch didn't shut it down. How to troubleshoot this? Is there a relay involved, or does it just ground out the engine thru the...
  9. ronman

    Waste Tank Modifications

    I got a used Pro Chem Legend, and a new Prochem Pumpout, but in shut off unit, order to install it, I'm going to need to move the float shut off assembly, and cut some new holes into the tank, and plug a few holes. Suggestions? I have a decent hole saw, so I'm not so concerned with that as I am...
  10. ronman

    Fuel Tap For 2006 Ford E 250 Small Hose

    I'm installing a Prochem Legend in my 2006 ford E250, and the fill pipe is really small. Like an oversized garden hose. Anyone do one of these with a do it yourself kit yet? I've studied the threads where guys made up their own kits, but the fill tubes were big, like a radiator hose, nothing...
  11. ronman

    Installing a Prochem Legend?? Help, Suggestions?

    I just picked up an older Legend, mounted on a fresh water tank, and I'm looking for any help or suggestions from anyone familiar. I did the install on my Panther, and this is similar, but bigger and more connections, including a fuel tap. Any input is welcomed. Thanks, Ron
  12. ronman


    Hi Guys, It's been quite some time since I've logged on but I have a friend in Homosassa Springs Florida who needs a good carpet cleaner. Send me a pm if you service that area, zipcode 34447 Oh yeah, some details, 3 rooms of carpet and some pet stain issues from a 40 pound dog. Never saw it...
  13. ronman


    I just picked up an old Hydra Cat project machine. Funny thing is, back in June I looked at this machine, and the guy was asking somewhere in the low teens, like $13-14 hundred. But it was in in several pieces and he had no battery or gas tank, so he could not start it up. He claimed it ran...
  14. ronman


  15. ronman

    Sexiest Place on Earth-Travel Channel

    For some reason this Youtube caught my eye, and I was actually shocked to see the answer. But then again, I don't know why, after all it's my favorite beach and less than an hour from home. Travel Channel likes us, they dubbed my home city Americas most fun city.:)
  16. ronman

    Google Web Solutions?

    I got another annoying sales call the other day, but it sounded like it might really be Google for a change. When questioned, they said yes, they are Google, but it was clearly a phone room in India or somewhere, and they were trying to sell me a website, domain name seo package. I asked them to...
  17. ronman


    I've been thinking of trying acupuncture for some tendon pains I get in my elbows forearms and shoulders. I recently took up guitar, and get a lesson each week, and try to practice an hour a day, and I'm feeling it in those areas. About 10 years ago, I had a bad bout with tennis elbow from...
  18. ronman

    Who is doing Dryer Vent Cleaning?

    I'm going to add it on, and would like to hear what you guys are using, and how you are going about it, also what to watch out for, and any other tips you care to share. If you don't want to post it here, please feel free to pm me, or we can talk on the phone. Whatever makes you comfortable. It...
  19. ronman

    Video Editing Software

    I don't like Youtubes editing software, can anyone recommend another free or cheap video editing program that's easy to learn, use and effective? I'm wanting to edit some of my footage into short demo videos for my website and promos
  20. ronman

    Yodle Anyone?

    Just got off the phone with a high powered Yodle salesman, 45-50 minutes with a computer presentation. Sheeeshhh!!! Has anyone tried this program? I'm inherently skeptical of most advertising, so I finally ended the call, abruptly, hung up on him, twice!! Sounds interesting, but I am...
  21. ronman

    Onan CCKB-MS I Need Advice Please

    I'm looking at an old Onan engine, 20hp, and I need help deciphering the model number and serial numbers. I'm trying to determine rebuild parts availability. Any one knowledgeable in this area?
  22. ronman

    Polypropylene Squares Garage Floor?

    I've got a client who called, says she has polypropylene squares on her garage floor. 4-5 yrs old, grey color, she can't get them clean, oil and dirt. I'm planning to go see it, then I'll have pics, but in the meantime, any suggestions on how to clean something like this?
  23. ronman

    Coffee stain on wool?

    Any suggestions for a stubborn coffee stain on wool? I did a normal hwe using a mild green balance prespray boosted with HP, using my glided rx20. Looked great till it started to dry. First 3 are before shots. These are after shots.
  24. ronman

    Cimex or CRB versus Orbitals and or Rag Slingers

    I'm always looking for new and improved ways to get the job done quicker and or better. That said, I love my Cimex. I like it for vlm and for pre-scrub. Best scrubber since sliced bread, and I'm skeptical that orbitals can outperform a cimex. Never used an orbital, so I'd like to hear...
  25. ronman

    Thank You Lisa from Green Glides!

    After reading Deron's umpteenth post droning on and on about a glided RX-20, I broke down and decided to go glide shopping. hahaha I started and ended with Green Glides for a very good reason. They were the best price, and money is still tight, although showing signs of improving, I'm heading...