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  1. astrikingimage

    Fire in one of my apartment help.

    I had a fire in one of my apartments. Something in the kitchen caught on fire. Tenant and pets ok. Happened on Sat 7 pm. I go to apartment on Sunday morning since I was out of town. The 2 front screen doors were torn and kitchen skylight blew out. The insulation and drywall in the ceiling is...
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    Help on insulating new van!

    Do any of you have any picture or ideas on the best way to insulation or put siding on a new van walls and ceiling? I would like to see some pictures. We are in an area that does not get real cold but we do have occasional below freezing temperatures. I would also like to hang items from...
  3. astrikingimage

    Maxx 470 starter

    Can I buy a starter for a Hydramaster Maxx 470 at local auto supply place?
  4. astrikingimage

    Looking forward to seeing.

    I am looking forward to see an El Diablo HX at the Experience Convention It looks like a nice design but I wish they would have designed it with a submount water tank. 1. What do you...
  5. astrikingimage

    3500 new vct - how much?

    How much would you charge to put 5 coats on a new vct flooring? What do I need to look for / be away?
  6. astrikingimage

    Boxxer XL?

    Anybody using Hydramaster Boxxer XL? How is heat, reliability, overall machine? Ease of use for carpet and upholstery cleaning. Can you do floods extractions with them? I am looking at them but would like some real work feedback. Thanks.
  7. astrikingimage

    Who does extra sale on clean upholstery?

    So I went to check on my tech who was doing a carpet cleaning job. I stopped by and starting talking to the client couple. I told them about upholstery cleaning for future work. Their upholstery look clean so I mention that we could also do a deep vacuum to remove dust and other particles...
  8. astrikingimage

    Online review sites reviewed! Take that.

    Consumer Reports has reviewed online review sites. Nothing we don't know already but good information to give your customers on how these sites work. As an example for Angie's List: "Angie’s List misleads consumers by prominently promising that “businesses don’t pay” and that it’s a...
  9. astrikingimage

    Effect of rich/poor states in your business

    Yahoo just ran a story on riches and poorest state in US. How does this affect how you run your business if you are in a poor state / or city. In our state, 1 in 5 people live below the poverty level. Median income $42.5K. In our county 50% of people live in trailers...
  10. astrikingimage

    Curry smell removal?

    What is the best way to get rid of curry smell from carpet and apartments? Has anyone tried to fog the structure and how successful was it? I have a couple coming up this next week and am looking at different ideas
  11. astrikingimage

    New Tile video - feedback wanted?

    Take a look at my new tile cleaning video. We focus on cleaning process for an entry way. We learned a lot making the video but we want your feedback on what we can do to improve the next one. Thanks.
  12. astrikingimage

    Looking to partner for Sandy cleanup

    I am looking to partner up with someone in the area that Sandy hit. We can bring up 3 crews, and 2 TM and everything that we will need.. Fully trained and insured. Call me or email me. Looking for 2 -4+ weeks of work. Don't turn work down, put them on a waiting list and lets both get to...
  13. astrikingimage

    Rate Tile cleaning video from Saturday job

    This is a job we did at a realtor's office this saturday. I posted this on youtube. I would appreciate feedback to make it better video or your comments. Both good and bad. Thanks.
  14. astrikingimage

    Remove wax on laminate flooring?

    I received a call from a customer that has waxed her laminate floor and now that it looks bad, she want an estimate on removing it. Have anyone done this, what did it involve, chemicals used, and time and cost?
  15. astrikingimage

    Pet Urine Black Light my version

    I am always running into pet problems but the problem with the blacklights is that the room has to be very dark in order to work well or you have to buy the very expensive light to inspect during the day. I used to go to customer's homes after sundown to get a better idea of where the urine is...
  16. astrikingimage

    amtex 3047 stack or similar belt changing?

    Amtex 3047 Stack blower or pump belt changing? How much time does it take to change belts on these machines and what is involved? Do you have to move blower? Etc? How easy is it to do regular maintenance on these types of machines? Reason for questions is I am looking at buying a new...
  17. astrikingimage

    Old McDonald's tile help

    Has anybody cleaned floors in old McDonald's? The restaurant is now a Chinese fast food place and they want an estimate. How would you clean them? How much did you charge? Here is a picture of the floors. Any help would be appreciated.