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  1. smartcarpetcare

    Leather Couch Cleaning?

    cheap used Von Schrader Aridex with VS leather Lather......
  2. smartcarpetcare

    Blown head gasket additive?

    Does it run? Blue devil is good, GMC rad tablets too
  3. smartcarpetcare


    2 oz. per 2 gal i tried GREAT results
  4. smartcarpetcare

    Pics coming soon

    where you located?
  5. smartcarpetcare

    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    Then rake it up off the ground? Tarps? Thanks!!!
  6. smartcarpetcare

    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    What style of blowers do you use? I have custys asking about this.
  7. smartcarpetcare

    How to Price Gutter Cleaning?

    Are you softwashing that as well?
  8. smartcarpetcare

    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    yours still for sale?
  9. smartcarpetcare

    Do you rinse every carpet that you cleaned after you finish cleaning all carpets

    Are these OP's bots or something Rob? Happening a lot lately lol.
  10. smartcarpetcare


    Be DARNED careful cleaning area rugs with a RW. You need softed bristles. Can be aggresive on tufted rugs. I owned the first custy's rug I cleaned with an R4. Be careful.
  11. smartcarpetcare

    CX15, Drag Wand, Mytee Trex

    Whereabouts are you?
  12. smartcarpetcare

    How to choose a carpet cleaner?

    Accredited, ask for references. Explains trouble areas (UV light). I have fooound that explaining the multi-step, multi-pass system gets custys to, on the one hand, say that it is TMI, but THEY are the best referrers! Just going in, smiling and cleaning never got me referrals :).
  13. smartcarpetcare

    What's the worst thing about our industry?

    As @ OxiFreshGuy mentioned, lack of respect for carpet cleaner might be the answer or, if we dig little deeper, respect for ourselves at the first place. Winner. we first need to respect ourselves as cleaners first. YUP.
  14. smartcarpetcare

    Cargo Van

    Asked for key to check the Odo on my smashed Montana van. Told me afterwards that they are checking things over in Ontario now.
  15. smartcarpetcare

    Cargo Van

    I LOVE it! Keep all fluids synthetic, front hood protector (hood flakes are common). Trans every 25K. A winner!
  16. smartcarpetcare

    RIP Prochem?

    LOL like Kardon, the (older) TM's seem...better built. My Aquaclean has grease fittings on the PTO shaft.
  17. smartcarpetcare

    Cargo Van

    In Ontario, they check odometer, and if you said you have snow tires on. Check for bad brakes etc., trying to get out of covering you!