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    How much schooling did you have?

    High school grad, Definitely school of hard knocks and Bane Clene school. Truckmountforums has taught me as well. Sure beats the school of hard knocks.
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    Industry Update (Game Changer Video #1) Injection Sprayers Modifications

    Very nice video. While I am familiar with much of this, some of it I learned trial and error. Much better to watch a video. Besides, it’s good to review the reminders. Looking forward to your next video Rob.
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    Its that time again... TMF member of the year nomination thread

    So many here I could mention but my choice is Jim Davisson. Honorable mentions to Scott, Jeff and Mama Fen to name a few. Rob Allen too. Even though you’re not eligible.
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    High PH cleaners

    Saigers Code red is oxygen based. With enzymes as well.
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    Sorry Rick. It won’t let me give you the link but just go to Google and search for “Mikey’s board”. Name your looking for is Lee/Justin Stockwell.
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    Try Jim D. idea. But for an experienced former Bane user contact Lee or his son Justin. Google %!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!%!*@%%**!. Sign in. You might be able to find helpful info in the archives as well.
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    It is stainless steel. You should be able to blow air thru it. The coil is significantly less diameter than the radiator hose. Where it reduces down would I think be a problem area. Can’t remember if it is just outside the tank or inside the tank. Still thinking it is a partial blockage. On...
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    I’ve never had a coil go bad so I couldn’t tell you. Seems like replacing it would be hard but I’ve never done it. Did the tank heater stop working after you replaced the heater core?
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    What is the temp gauge saying? If it is getting hot I think it would heat good. If the coolant level gets low it still should heat as long as it is working normally. Just not as well. Also if the coolant is changed/flushed you need to make sure that you put in more coolant than is standard in a...
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    Ok. I ran my Bane paramount for years. Never had a problem with the heat in 18 years of running it. I removed my temperature control because I wanted it to run wide open. But it sounds like yours is already been removed or never had one in the first place. Is there a crimp in the line somewhere...
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    Bane Clene Fresh water tank mod

    Is it the temperature control valve outside the Bane tank?
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    Deal Or No Deal

    You got a good deal!
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    Tired of the IICRC?

    [emoji106]politeness is good.
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    Tired of the IICRC?

    You asked good questions, don't apologize for that. You made good points that needed clarification. If I'm going to spend $2000 dollars on a course ( or a wand), you better believe I'm going to ask questions. Esp on a course that is yet to be proven. Though, I have little doubt but that it will...
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    Appointment times

    Good advice. I will add that it is the last thing I tell them before we hang up.
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    Orbot Vibe

    I've had the Orbot Sprayborg for a few years but never bought the weight kit. The head weight seems too light esp for pad cleaning. Do you always have weight on your Orbot?
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    Magic Wand Company

    Magic Wand Citrapure is very good.
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    You were there and you made a judgment call. Keep us updated.
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    fanta stain

    Suddenly thirsty...
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    Spot removing

    Fels Naptha for smaller black/gray/brown spots. Quick spray from the wand and a Nike shuffle. On larger areas of the same colors I use citrus spotter/spray. I prefer Magic Wands Citra-pure. I have tried others. The two spotters together work well also.
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    Poll: Do you use a 1.5 or 2 inch wand?

    I'm buying it thru Butler, along with a new van/unit. Definitely want a glide but have only used a hole glide. Thinking of a hybrid. What do you use? Appreciate the suggestions. Mark Saiger put extensions on his I noticed.