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    Purchased used Mytee T-REX Jr

    Try to find a user manual online possibly? I would just check all the nuts and bolts for tightness.
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    350 Chairs with modified upholstery tools

    This is the level of efficiency I strive for
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    I Have the new Mytee portable, I’m having shut off issues ( foam )

    Try more defoamer in your tank to see if it helps any.
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    I've been thinking about trying out the worx sprayer. how many batteries do you go through in a regular day of cleaning?
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    Employee Pre Paid Debit Cards?

    Gas card from your bank/preferred gas station brand and company accounts at supply houses. Typically for me everything is in stock at the shop so nobody has any need to go to a store for anything. If the van breaks down we just call in a credit card for the repair.
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    Luxury Retirement Village Problem

    Agree with Todd on the vlm option. Unless you want to use a portable for all of it, its the only reasonable way to go. I used to do a lot of these and I hardly ever used the truck. Just a cimex and a few cases of encap and worked until a couple hours before people started waking up. Safer for...
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    Marks on tile

    Matrix will work too. I think most rust removers will. I had to do a bunch of tile with it after someone didn't stop using the stainless grout brush when they stared.
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    How do I properly set chemical flow?

    I would use an acid rinse but I was told by my supplier that since my tm was older (about 14-15) and was never really descaled in the burner as far as he knew if I ran an acid it would strip scale off and cause all kinds of clogging issues in my tools, which I've had happen before. So until I...
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    How do I properly set chemical flow?

    Thanks for the help. I've always just worried about leaving too much rinse in a carpet or piece of furniture.
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    Any of you think you could handle this machine?

    For when your job is across town but your van won't start in the garage.
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    Carry permit

    If you conceal it properly cameras won't see anything.
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    How do I properly set chemical flow?

    I have a typical gph flow meter on my tm. I've never really understood the right way to set it though. Everything I use always says "meter to 2gph" and that's fine. But the way it's been explained to me was you put whatever tool you're using on then set the flow based on that. But with that...
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    Help with gunlach sealer

    sounds about right! those cans spray real hard. Once I run out though I'm probably going back to gallons and an applicator. What made you want to try this type?
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    Help with gunlach sealer

    I use it but only on grout. I never tried to do the whole tile with the spray can. The way it sprays unless you spread it with a microfiber mop or something it would go on super thick and maybe cause issues like that.
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    Indoor Dog Park Turf Cleaning

    I used to do a gym with a turf floor that soaked up tons of sweat from people. If I used any kind of rinse in my solution it left the turf slippery and a bit dangerous. My typical game plan was to clean with a disinfectant cleaner as pretreatment then extract like a normal carpet with clear...
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    Are you running an inline filter?

    My tm was used and had no basket in the tank so I used one with a screw on top but it was always a pain so I just upgraded to be big box one from sapphire scientific. Love it and it keeps the tank fairly clean.
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    Customer Reviews

    If they give a review give them $25 off their next cleaning and a $25 off coupon that can only be used by a new customer. Not a huge loss and may land you more business.
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    Please give me your input!

    That shouldn't be a problem. That's what my prices are originally based on anyway. Also I looked recently at one of the new rotovac portables as suggested and it looks great but that filter in the tank has me cringing. It looks like a nightmare to clean if you do even a mid-level soiling job. Is...
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    Vent: A little common sense..please.

    Before she moved to a new location my friend would always complain to me that the janitorial staff at her office were terrible and would hardly do anything. They would do things like that but also steal off people's desks if you left out anything good.
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    Please give me your input!

    I've been doing a lot of listening and reading and researching the past few days about all sorts of things. Instead of a minivan I'm thinking trailer or one of the smaller delivery vans like a transit connect or promaster city. I need to do more research on the capacity of those. The on board...
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    Please give me your input!

    Everything good is always too far away. It's like once you hit new england everything just disappears.
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    Please give me your input!

    Western MA. I usually do work from Worcester east to New York border then some up in Vermont and a decent bit down in Connecticut.
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    Please give me your input!

    I really appreciate all this help and criticism it's going to give me a lot to think about setup wise.
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    Please give me your input!

    For me it's not even the cleaning I've been doing building maintenance all week because that's also a part of my job. The whole thing is a mess and it makes me need to get away from this place sooner rather than later.