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  1. mrblazer

    Purchased used Mytee T-REX Jr

    We just purchased a used T-REX Jr. Not sure when was the last time it was maintained. What do I need to check and do maintenance on it. Also the handles are loose and the machine tends to stop a few times. The motor seems a bit loose as well. What do I check to troubleshoot this. It only...
  2. mrblazer

    Marks on tile

    Can these marks be removed from the tile? Some metal object was draged leaving those mark.
  3. mrblazer

    Top portables

    What are the top portables to start a business. Friend of mine is starting his business and doesn't want to start with too much debt. So his waiting on a TM.
  4. mrblazer

    Pollen on upholstery

    How would I go on removing this yellow pollen from the cushions. The customer tried to wipe it and ended up pushing in down further. I already did lots of dry vacuum and some tape. Nothing transfered with the tape.
  5. mrblazer

    Mystery stain

    Not sure what Todo with this. Customer oked trying to get that out even if it does light damage to the fiber. He just wants the line gone. The line is not visible from one end of the rug. What should I try on this wool rug?
  6. mrblazer

    Rayon rug

    The rug is 100% rayon. It was a Browning probably from the customer trying to clean the spot. There is also red stain on the tassels. How can I approach this.
  7. mrblazer

    Prochem Everest hp650

    One of our tire shops near us has one of these for sale and asked if I new someone that wanted to buy this. He is asking 21k but I told him that might be a bit high but that was just my option. What do you guys think a good price for for this would be? What are the main things to look for...
  8. mrblazer

    velvet upholstery turned purple

    We have some velvet upholstery that we cleaned it with only fiber rinse. The customer later called and told us the upholstery looked white, that it was lost its color. So we went back and applied some css and toweled it in. We then get a call back and now the color has turned purple.... Why...
  9. mrblazer

    Tencel and wool rug

    How would you go on cleaning a tencel a wool rug?
  10. mrblazer

    Silk chairs

    We have 4 silk chairs and we cleaned them with chemspec fast dry upholstery shampoo. But they didn't turn out that great. We pre vacuumed Applied foam with horsehair blush and agitated. Wiped with clean white rag. What should I try?
  11. mrblazer

    How to remove these stains

    No idea what the stains are. A tech is telling me it could be pee but I highly doubt it. The black could be ink but it isn't coming out. We tried ink exit, oil flow. On the orange spots we tried stain one. Don't know what else to try.
  12. mrblazer

    Encap or....

    Should I just encap this or.....
  13. mrblazer

    More viscose rugs

    This would be the 3rd viscose rug in this week alone. Is visco growing on popularity?
  14. mrblazer

    Efflorescence vs epoxy haze

    How can I tell if it's efflorescence or epoxy haze.
  15. mrblazer

    Should I

    Should I even attempt to clean this viscose rug.
  16. mrblazer

    Water pump for rug wash

    What submersible water pump do you guys recommend for a wash pit. Should I get two to circulate the water in the pit.
  17. mrblazer

    Restaurant cleaning

    I'm going to be cleaning a restaurant today. What should I be using? I was thinking something with high pH and boost it with citrus solv
  18. mrblazer

    What would you change

    What would you change, add or remove of the current chemicals we use? We also have a bucket of Procyon and Extreme clean.
  19. mrblazer

    Diarrhea on sisal

    How would I go and clean diarrhea ofof of a sisal area rug?
  20. mrblazer

    Fiber plus question.

    Anyone know the solution ratio of Fiber plus for a hydro force 8:1. Doesn't say on the label.
  21. mrblazer

    Patio cushions stains

    Any way to removed these stains from the cushions. They were sitting on some teak chairs
  22. mrblazer

    Clean teak furniture

    How can I clean and remove mold and water marks out of teak?
  23. mrblazer

    Stain on Venieer

    Is there anything I could do to try o get this stain out. I was thinking on sanding it a bit but..
  24. mrblazer

    Drape cleaning tools?

    What tools or attachments would I need to clean drapes and the balance and how would I go on cleaning them?
  25. mrblazer

    Garage sale find.

    Found these in a box on a garage sale.