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  1. Hawkins

    Tax on shipping?

    Does anyone know of that's for real (legal)? I hate making big purchases and finding out they charged me tax on the shipping cost. Anything to squeeze a buck out of you... Sent from my XT1096 using TMF Forums mobile app
  2. Hawkins

    Quick sale going on now!

    Nice to see prochem taking it up a notch!Or are they ... well at least it's 15% off from interlink supply .... Sent from my XT1096 using TMF Forums mobile app
  3. Hawkins

    Help with Kubota engine.

    Hey everybody. Hawkins here. I have a little trouble trying to identify some parts on my Kubota engine. Does anybody out there have a diesel Kubota engine in their truck mount that's at least a 2012 model or newer but has the diesel engine in it? I'm looking for the white ID label or serial...
  4. Hawkins

    Where's the video?

    Any one else having issues trying to upload videos through the app. I'm using Android devices. Pictures seem to work but I can't get videos from my YouTube channel posted like I have before in the past. Thanks. @admin @Rob Allen
  5. Hawkins

    Water damage disclosure?

    Hey everybody. Getting ready to go clean up some water damage. Does any one have a good water damage disclosure agreement? If so could you send one my way thanks.
  6. Hawkins

    100+ gallon water tank?

    Wondering if any one with multiple machine install experience can tell me of a 100+ gallon upgrade for my Blueline Bluewave machine. I don't think sapphire scientific makes the one for my machine anymore. Maybe @wuznmee can shine some light on the subject. Thanks for any feedback.
  7. Hawkins

    Wanting to help out a fellow Cleaner.

    Hey fellas. I have a customer who has more than one home and wants his carpets cleaned. About 2500 sq ft of it. The only thing is is his other home is to far for me to go. So I'm putting it out there cause I want to take care of this customer and possible help a fellow Cleaner out if any of you...
  8. Hawkins

    Have you had to deal with this.

    This Carpet is in the house I rent. It's nice Carpet until you clean it.... It's currently 103 degrees outside. I have thoroughly pre vacuumed, and cleaned twice, 6 months apart from each Cleaning and every time I've finished I have set up air movers to dry Carpet as fast as I can. It is now 3...
  9. Hawkins

    What would you guys charge for this?

    Owner has two restaurants and asked what I would charge to clean the upholstery on these chairs. It's just the back rests, no bottoms. Thanks everyone.
  10. Hawkins

    Urine lights up?

    Hey TMF. I have another question. Why does urine light up after I've treated it. I can no longer see it with the naked eye but after its clean I hit it with my black light and it's still lit. Am I not letting the USR dwell long enough or is that just the nature of the beast? My process 1...
  11. Hawkins

    She likes her nail polish!

    What would be your approach to this?
  12. Hawkins

    What would you do?

    So I got a call from a friend who owns his own carpet cleaning business (for the past 30 years). He asked me if I could help him out with his business. He just had heart surgery and his doctor told him to take it easy for the next 5 months. So he asks me, MATT, would you be interested in taking...
  13. Hawkins

    30% of at from 11am to 2pm CT time

    Hey TMF! Just wanted to let everyone know that is having a 30% discount on anything on their website that's over 200 dollars. I just purchased a hydrosensor for 201, after the discount I payed 140. They sale Dri-eaz products. So hurry it up. They even have the dri-pods, dehumidifiers...
  14. Hawkins

    Before winter hits?

    So I'm out, full time, carpet cleaning now. It's good so far but I understand that the closer winter gets the more I need to prepare for the off season. So what's good for the winter time when carpet cleaning is slow for everyone. Do you guys have janitorial accounts or something of that nature...
  15. Hawkins

    It's a toss up!

    Which of these is better??? Getting ready to take the plundge. Been needing one for a while now. Any of you guys use one of these? Are they the same? How...
  16. Hawkins

    Is this stuff any good?

    Just got these in today for a job coming up first of may. Now I know you have to use an acid rinse and neutralize the fibers before applying protector. My question can I apply the protector after cleaning while the carpet is still drying or dose it have to completely dry?
  17. Hawkins

    Direct Mail EDDM Who's got the best price on direct mail marketing and or EDDM?

    Just been checking around. Vista print and next day flyers seem to be the same. Around a 1000 flyers mailed for around $500. Any of you guys know anyone better?
  18. Hawkins

    So where do you get your business shirts done at?

    Hey TMF. Ben looking at a dozen websites to get some new business shirts made up. Does any one have any good ideas or company's they go with. Any info much appreciated. I do a lot of my own designing so not to worried there.
  19. Hawkins

    What to expect when taking a IICRC class for carpet cleaning technician.

    Hey y'all. Getting ready to take carpet cleaning tech class and certification test. Don't know if I really need to but I have been asked a couple of times if I'm certified and if there is such a thing. So what can I expect from the class and from taking the test? Keep in mind I am not looking...
  20. Hawkins

    What is your best chem for cleaning Olefin Carpet?

    I know this question may have been asked through other post but I thought I might get everyones opinion to see what has worked for you. I have been using Preload5 which has made those olefin carpets clean but have noticed a little yellowing left behind after dry. I'll post pics later. In the...
  21. Hawkins

    Seriously another .15 sqfter!

    What is with the .15 cent square footer guys. Sense this dude moved in the area the last couple of years I'm now getting some customers saying I'm too expensive. Yeah? why you say that ma'am? So and so only charges .15 a square foot. Your double the price. The next 10 minutes go on me...
  22. Hawkins

    Cotton sofa? Is this the right method?

    What's up TMF? Okay so I got a call from a customer. They want their sofa cleaned. It's from the late eighties to early nineties with a pattern. 79% cotton the rest polyester. The picture below is as close to what it looks like that I could get sense they would not let me take a picture. It has...
  23. Hawkins

    SteamWay Power Matic 2100 Not heating all the time. Please help.

    So I talk to a local Carpet Cleaner and friend today about how his machine was doing. Its had quite a few problems lately and we have managed to squash most of them except one. When he is on the job and starts to work, he squeezes the trigger on his wand and the burner does not kick on. Now I...
  24. Hawkins

    Is your chemical meter "on" or "off"?

    Hey everybody. Some time ago I herd another carpet cleaner say that leaving your chemical meter on while pre-spraying is known to reduce the power of your pre-spray. That is if you have a rinsing solution in your 5 gallon jug. Is this true? Does it kill the power of the pre-spray? Is it a waist...
  25. Hawkins

    Is it getting done right?

    I recently spoke to a fellow cleaner in my area. He is not on this forum, though I have told him many times. He tells me today that he alone has done 8 jobs today and made $2000 all by 5pm, he started at 8am. So what do you think. Are these jobs getting done right? I have known him for a while...