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  1. ronman

    Boss Ultra?

    Has everyone got paid yet? They contacted me, not sure I'm interested, certainly not if they don't pay promptly. I get paid on commercial at completion, sometimes a few weeks, but none of this 60 90 days. In fact, I even get advance deposits on some jobs. Not bragging, just saying that's not...
  2. ronman

    Boss Ultra?

  3. ronman

    FB How do you bill a job that floods again while your drying? It happens

    Need bigger dehu's!!!! :unsure::unsure::eek::D:D
  4. ronman

    Janitorial & VCT pricing

    Great post Mike! I'm bidding a vct job now, looking for direction, since I've never done it before. They want quarterly stripping, monthly buffing. Any suggestions? Decent size job, lots of small rooms and halls, a medical facility. Thanks Ron
  5. ronman

    Angie (Rolling Stones cover)

    Wow, wtf you doing here? You could be knocking down the big $$$ doing weddings and Bar Mitzvah's!! haha lollol Excellent guitar work dude! Long time no see my friend, glad to see you're still here.
  6. ronman

    What are you thankful for

    I'm thankful for my health and physical and mental well being. For my home. For my humble business and the opportunities for advancement. I'm appreciative to live in a wonderful warm climate. I'm thankful for my open minded attitude that enables me to keep learning and reinventing myself, so I...
  7. ronman

    Wide open vs full load

    I always go for kitchen and bathroom circuits with my Recoil. It's got 3 vacs and a 500psi pump on 2 cords.
  8. ronman

    Wish me luck!

    I get a few a month who are so clean you cant tell the difference. These are clean freaks, and I love them. I can fly thru like superman. They are on the other extreme from the job on this thread. I get a few of these trashed ones too, but all too often, the trashed ones are also very demanding...
  9. ronman

    If prespray dried in an area of tile and leaves a haze what’s my next step?

    I cut my carpet cleaning teeth on a 175 shampoo followed up by a wet vac. I was employed as a resident manager of an apartment complex, and that's how they taught me to clean their carpets. Not real impressive results as I recall. lol 175's are easy, just be ready to let go of the trigger if it...
  10. ronman

    To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question!

    Thank you Mama Fen for your feedback! Do you hear more complaints or positives about any particular franchises? Do any throw more red flags than the others? I take it you deal with carpet cleaners as a supplier, so you meet many different companies?
  11. ronman

    To Franchise or Not to Franchise, That is the Question!

    So, 6 years into building my business, and I'm now at the point of wanting to grow it into multi trucks, and get off the truck myself. Exploring all avenues, and since marketing is the key to expansion, and brand recognition goes a long way in business, I'm curious about Franchises. I'd love to...
  12. ronman

    FB Would you ever consider joining a franchise?...

    Well, alrighty then! (in my best Jim Carey voice) All these replies, and the majority of the posters are from guests with only one post??? I was hoping to find some guys with verifiable experience to learn from. :confused::bear::LOL:
  13. ronman

    Is anyone still here from the good ole days?

    You're an exception to your own rules Rob. You always talk on here, yet somehow you manage to excel at getting things done. I marvel at how you accomplish so much! :panda::bear:;):D
  14. ronman

    Is anyone still here from the good ole days?

    I'm rarely on anymore, good to see you're still around Shane, always valued your opinions. Hows business?
  15. ronman

    Airtech viper air duct cleaner

    Did you ever shoot that video? Whats your take on this tool?
  16. ronman

    Inpection camera cable issues

    How did you resolve this issue? Still using the same camera?
  17. ronman

    RamAir question thread

    So what do you use?
  18. ronman

    Nikro line

    Why do you say the truckmount systems are a joke? What are the shortcomings?
  19. ronman

    Proper cleaning of flex systems & attic air handlers

    Crickets!! lol Bumping this, since I'm researching to add duct cleaning to my business in Florida. Similar duct systems as Arizona I surmise.
  20. ronman

    Air Duct Equipment Advice Sought

    Great pictures vail, I had no problem sorting them out. Remarkable difference. In my area though, we have a lot of plastic ducts, so brushes are out. I'm reading up here now, trying to figure out what I'll need to get started.
  21. ronman

    Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

    Thanks to everyone who posted here, I'm just now looking into adding this service to my company. Your posts all help.
  22. ronman

    Paying your techs

    That seems really low evdog, what part of the country do you live in?
  23. ronman

    Paying your techs

    I know Rob started a thread on this topic, but I can't find it. In fact, I can't find much of anything on this topic. Can anyone post a link? I never have much luck with the forums search. Thanks In Advance! Ron
  24. ronman

    Does BNI really work

    I was a member for several years, and it brought me some work, it was a help in my first few years, then my group dropped me, because I was not an aggressive member. My group did very well as a whole, but in their words, "I was not a good fit". I have to agree, it's not for me. Too corporate in...
  25. ronman

    No Compete no disclosure form

    Wow, not much action on this topic!! It seems like a good idea if you're training a guy, to discourage him from trying to break away and steal your customers. No feedback on this one guys?