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    Water Restoration For Sale

    Most of this equipment has never been used.... for example the trailer has only been used 3 times... 4 Drieaz 1200 Dehumidifiers : 104 hrs. 323 hrs. 395 hrs. 255 hrs 2 Drieaz 500 Air Scrubbers 9 Drieaz Sahara Air Movers Hydra-Force SX-12 Tile and Grout Cleaner used 2 times Gekko Edge...
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    High Flow Jets: Your Thinking

    I run 2 x .03 or 2.1 gpm and get good results... Can you actually run 4 x .04 or more and not wet the backing ? R
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    Cat 3 CP Pump

    I got a hot/dry kit for my 3cp pump. My qestion is: Does the white fiber seal go in the front and does the metal cap on it face the front... Too: spring in real seal face toward the front or back..thanks Richard
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    How much is your business off in....

    comparison to last year at this time ? My area has an unemployment rate of almost 16 % and the average household income is less than $20,000 a year.... With those circumstance, my business is down over 50%.... RR
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    Thanks to Duane Oxley

    I have one of Duane's machines and yesterday the pumpout went out on me. Got hold of Duane to tell him what I needed and he sent it overnight via Fed-Ex... Not only that but he also called telling me about a couple of installation precautions.. I just wanted to publicly let people know how...
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    Predator Unleashed II +

    This is one of Duane Oxley's Truck Mounts. Very simple, easy to maintain... 25 Kohler, 4005 Roots, Cat 3CP Pump, 250k BTU propane burner, continuous pumpout...700 hours and no down time attributed to machine...all down time was my fault... Richard R I call it a + because instead of a Cat...
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    Howdy, Ya'll.....

    Richard Robinson here....Quality Carpet Care...Greeneville,Tn. 25 years in the business.... appreciate the new board...hope it does well... Best to all, RR