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  1. brickhouse40

    Auto interior prices.

    Anyone want to share what they charge. I have had customers ask to do just the carpet and some ask to do just the upholstery. What would you charge for each of these and also to do both. I know it depends on the vehicle size but just trying to get an idea. Maybe your 4 door car price and an SUV...
  2. brickhouse40

    Duct tape marks on preschool carpet.

    Any ideas on how to get the glue from duct tape out of this carpet?
  3. brickhouse40

    Preschool job coming up. Need help with quote.

    I had a director at a preschool contact me who would like to have the entire facility cleaned once a month. Not sure how many sq. ft. the place is yet. I've only done residential and priced by room so far. I'm just not sure where to start my pricing. I was thinking around .10 per sq. ft. as...
  4. brickhouse40

    Interested in adding power washing

    I was thinking about adding this service to my carpet cleaning business. Can I start out using the smaller 3200 psi machine I have, or will I be wasting my time. Just trying to add the service without spending a lot of money. Thanks, Mike
  5. brickhouse40

    Berber with no padding.

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought. Got a call to clean a home office. The one room has Berber with no padding and its directly on top of old hardwood. I don't want to ruin the hardwood. Will the water go through to the hardwood do you think?
  6. brickhouse40

    Question...Pressure regulator repair for Blazer GT.

    I took apart the pressure regulator and found that the Teflon and rubber o-rings were destroyed and came off the stem. I got the repair kit that came with the new stem and another round piece with another Teflon and rubber o-ring. When I took out the other piece, it popped out and was unable to...
  7. brickhouse40

    Maxim Advanced or DuPont Teflon protector

    Deciding which to use. Any suggestions? Looks like they are about the same price but DuPont is 1:4 and maxim is 1:2. DuPont will go further but is maxim better. Have heard good things about both. Also, a customer has called me a week later and asked for me to apply protector to the carpet. Is...
  8. brickhouse40

    How much would you pay for a Rotovac Powerwand?

    Want to get a Rotovac 360i but can't really afford one right now. If I come across a powerwand though, I may snag it. Is it worth it, and if so how much would you pay for one that operates?
  9. brickhouse40

    After house carpets, customer asked to do the car.

    Today after I cleaned a customers home carpets, he asked if I did vehicle carpets too. I don't do auto detailing and never really thought about it much because I had never been asked. He had leather upholstery so he only wanted me to clean the front and back floors and mats. What would you...
  10. brickhouse40

    Logonerds logos. Which one do you like best?

    After having a logo designed by someone on fiverr and realizing it was too much like clip art, I decided to try logonerds. Which one do you guys like best.
  11. brickhouse40

    Fins on a Drimaster Upholstery tool?

    Found a Drimaster upholstery tool. It's the one with the knob, which I believe is the newer model. The seller says it needs the fins replaced. Does anyone know what he means by the fins. Anyone know how much that would be to replace or where to get the parts.
  12. brickhouse40

    Rotovac 360 deal.

    Found a rotovac 360 for $1200. Guy says he only used it a few times. Comes with the regular carpet cleaning head and a brush head. Is this a good deal? What should I look for if I go look at this thing? Any popular problem areas of the machine I should look at?
  13. brickhouse40

    Yelp paid services.

    Got a call from yelp today wanting me to upgrade to the paid monthly service. $350 a month for 600 guaranteed ad hits. (Start up package) Anyone paying for this upgrade? If so, what kind of return are you getting.
  14. brickhouse40

    Logo from fiverr. What do you think.

    I'm not sure if I like it but what do you guys think. It looks more like a guy using a canister vacuum. I figured for $5 I would give it a try. I think I'll try logo also.
  15. brickhouse40

    Low pressure wand on craigslist. What would you use it for?

    I saw this wand on craigslist this morning. It says it is a low pressure wand. Can anyone tell me why a low pressure wand like this would be used? link not valid Thanks, Mike
  16. brickhouse40

    School fundraiser.

    Has anyone ever done the school fundraiser? I know some people at the local elementary school, and I've been asked to do a fundraiser and donate a certain percentage of the money I make to the school. I was thinking 10 or 15%. The fundraiser would last two months, most likely March and April...
  17. brickhouse40

    Need help identifying jets.

    I have a Prochem 2 jet wand that came with my unit. Not sure which jets are in it. Well the numbers on them are 11002-SS. The kit also comes with two other sets of jets. One is 11015-SS and the other is 9501-SS. Can anyone help identify these? I was told in another post that I should be using...
  18. brickhouse40

    Bringing hoses into the house.

    Anyone have any tips on the best way to bring in your hoses. I bring in the solution hose to pre spray, while that dwells I bring in the vacuum hose. The vacuum hose always seems to get tangled while bringing it in. I usually bring in 50 ft at a time. Also I find myself getting the two hoses...
  19. brickhouse40

    Need an inexpensive fresh water tank.

    Anyone have any ideas for an inexpensive fresh water tank? Anyone using a homemade tank or something similar to a 55 gallon plastic drum as a fresh water tank? Need a tank but not wanting to pay $1000 for a belly or console tank.
  20. brickhouse40

    Will an RX20 or 360 work with my Prochem Blazer?

    Want to know what you guys think about this. I've heard that the rotary tools don't work well with smaller truck mounts like my blazer. Its got the 33 blower. Would I be wasting my time and money buying one?
  21. brickhouse40

    Prochem Blazer heat.

    I have a Prochem Blazer and it doesn't get the water as hot as I'd like it to be. Is there anything I can do to get more heat to the wand. Thanks, Mike
  22. brickhouse40

    Which one of these 3 is the best starter unit.

    Trying to decide which starter unit to go with. I don't see too many diferences in them but I'm sure you guys know something I don't about each. The prices are all similar. Please let me know which one you think would be the best to go with. Suggestions for other starter units are welcome. I...
  23. brickhouse40

    Going to look at a van this weekend. What do you think?

    I've looked at two vans so far. The first one ended up having way too much wrong with the van. The second one wasn't bad but wouldn't budge on the price. I'm going to look at the 3rd one this weekend. This van has been a back up van for the seller. Seller Had a guy working for him on and off who...
  24. brickhouse40

    Hour meter question on a Boxxer 421.

    I'm looking at a Boxxer 421 this Sat. and was told by the seller that the hour meter reads more hours than the unit has actually been ran. He said there was a switch or something he never switched off and the hour meter ran even though the unit wasn't running. Is this possible? Has anybody...
  25. brickhouse40

    What is a reasonable offer for this package? 1998 GMC 2500 Van with a Boxxer 421.

    Just getting into the business and was looking at an older van with a Butler but looks like it needs too much work. The one I found below I posted in a different category just to see if the Boxxer unit was any good. Now that I know it's a good unit, what do you guys think is a reasonable offer...