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  1. PistolPete

    Mytee wand tile spinner with portable?

    Water flow and psi drive the spinner. Less than 2 gpm and it won't spin.
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    What's the academic term name of the wire hose connect wast tank with blower?

    I bought mine at West Marine, but any boat repair shop should be able to get some for you.
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    How would you price this?

    Going rate for flat work here is 10c / sq ft, which is why I don't offer it. My father in law had his house pressure washed. Metal roof, 2 story, separate garage / workshop also 2 story. 2 guys took 2 days to do it for $ thanks!
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    Color seal commercial restroom cons

    Epoxy coating or grout replacement are the best options.
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    Is this acceptable?

    There's a psychological win for the customer when a discount is given. Make one up; friends & family referral, or loyalty discount etc. Or add a freebie like a chair cleaning for N/C. Of course you price the rest to make out profitable but it's a win for the customer. Grocery stores do it all...
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    Any other tricks for Gum or Candy?
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    Hands on Carpet & Hard Surface Floor Cleaning Training

    If you can watch a YouTube video and learn how to fix your lawnmower then why not carpet cleaning? I'm going to catch some heat for saying this, but it's really not that complicated. The good thing about video based is that you can watch them again and again.
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    Yes, heat is beneficial. I run 150 degrees F for most jobs. Grease is dissolved at 140.
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    nissan NV 3500 van

    Read the fine print. They have all kinds of exclusions.
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    Owner Operator a job or a business?

    This video explains it well...
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    Satillo restoration is a whole different level. I've only done one as we rarely see it here and no-one wants to pay the price to do it right.
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    I did a polished concrete residential floor for a doberman breeder. When the slab was poured she had her dogs run around while it was still wet.
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    Featured Official Groutmaster before & after pics

    It needs to be thoroughly rinsed, so if you work small areas and change mop water frequently it should be OK.
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    Thanks, and I just read the manual. Very interesting HX set up. My machine only had an exhaust gas exchanger, but I removed it all and stripped the machine down to the simplest format possible. The wiring diagram in the manual is crazy! Anyway, good to learn about these systems.
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    Starting business how do i compete

    Nothing wrong with starting p/t though. Learn and apply your knowledge. Clean all your friends & family. But one day you will face the cliff of courage. This is the big leap of faith that we have all taken. That's when you quit your job and jump. Fear then becomes a great motivator and you...
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    I guess I'm having a hard time visualizing the HX set up.
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    Starting business how do i compete

    There are multiple levels of competition. Price paid is just one of them. This is the Walmart mentality; price is all that matters. Typically these are the exact customers you don't want. Then there are value based customers who will pay more because they look for the best value for money. This...
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    Just for my knowledge, I don't understand how a clogged HX on the vacuum system causes engine performance issues? What am I not getting?
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    Do a Judson on it. Get rid of everything except pressure pump and blower. 2 shut down circuits, oil pressure and waste tank float switch. Add propane or diesel heater.
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    Boxxer 421 engine issue.

    Fuel delivery issue?
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    Ugh, sorry brother.
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    It's a residential Mexican tile job. Restoring that floor is big bucks! I don't do restaurant floors anymore either. I'm doing a nursing home this week including the kitchen, but that's an exception. If you have nothing else booked then that's one thing, but given a choice I will do...
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    Restaurant Tile & Grout

    I've done a lot of these. Keep heat to around 150, any higher and you cook the grease in place. Also add floor stripper to your pre spray. I use groutmaster and zep stripper. Allow dwell time and agitation, then reapply. Also use 1500+ psi. As stated above, food grease soil is acidic so it...
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    Both. If you have to prescrub because the grout is full of soils then reapply the GM to ensure it soaks in and goes to work. I've seen it where after scrubbing you have dry spots because all the chem was absorbed by the crud This is very rare BTW. My standard procedure is spray groutlines...
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    If it's porcelain then it can't be 'polished' in the true sense of the word. If you mean high gloss porcelain then it's safe to use GM at full strength 2-3 scoops per gallon.