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    New Apex 570 or Everest 870

    Apex 570 is running good. The heat regulator valve needed an adjustment and I had to zip tie the coil pack wire as it was rubbing on a metal bracket but other than that it's doing good!
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    People always come back to quality, always.

    I've had customers with that same comment, "I have a confession to make...I used a different cleaner last time..." boom.
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    Slick tile??

    It's just like my old restaurant clients...we had this argument for an entire year. I cant fix poor cleaning habits. They were using soap based chemicals, cotton mops, and same bucket in kitchen and front of house. So i could clean the whole place Sunday and by Wednesday it was ruined again...
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    Thermal Wave M5

    The company I worked at we put the computer in a freezer box with ice packs. Gave you about 6 good hours before it overheated.
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    Please critique my new ad...

    I think it's better...if I was to put on my snobby critics hat I'd still be asking who your target audience is. Instead of listing all the No this No that, I think I'd try to convey the same message in a much less busy way. Maybe show a picture of cartoon Rob toasting us with a jar of Black...
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    Please critique my new ad...

    Not reluctance really, I'm very aware the reason of success for these big companies is the marketing they do. It's a hard truth, you can be the best carpet cleaner on the planet but people may not use you because of your inability to influence public perception.
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    Please critique my new ad...

    Hate to admit it but what makes Zerorez , Stanley and Chem Dry multi million dollar companies ? Marketing....
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    What % of gross does your advertising run at?

    I cant answer for Rob but I believe marketing is unique to the individual business owner, their goals, and the market they work in. 10% is a very healthy number, I've seen poorly run franchises run almost 40% at times. A new business is probably going to spend more to get noticed or grow at a...
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    Toilet drain problem

    What's scary is my toilet is having the same problem..
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    Please critique my new ad...

    Depends on his audience, but if hes reaching out to a crowd who doesnt already know him it may not come off that way
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    Please critique my new ad...

    You can keep the idea of, "Tired of not knowing what's filler and what's premium quality ingredients in your chemicals?" "TMF has a 100% commitment to quality with our line of "TOP SHELF" products" Honestly the whole pee on your leg thing seems to distract from the overall message - I get it...
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    Please critique my new ad...

    I'm not a fan of negative critique marketing. The big companies aren't necessarily the enemies and we all can be judged based on our circumstances and position.
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    Buying commercial refrigerators for my business..!!

    I have a deep freeze in my basement you can buy for a million dollars
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    My surprise road trip visiting distributors from Miami to Va

    Hard to imagine Mama being any prettier than she already is.
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    Roots blower lubricant -

    Poor cats, being harvested for oil!
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    Poultice for Urine on Hardwood

    Anyone know of any recipes to try and pull those little black stains left on hardwood after urine has sat on it?
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    It's kind of like when my customers say, "Oh my god I hope it's a 1 hour dry time I don't want mold to grow!" While that is a very multi-faceted statement, it took them 72 HOURS in LABORATORY conditions, to make mold in any significant way. So the truth is, if mold was to grow from carpet...
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    It's amazing how a little knowledge of science can be used to abuse public perception isn't it Mama.
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    Oh yes, dihydrogen monoxide has killed more people in the last 30 years than all causes combined. It's responsible for flooding, acid rain, all sorts of problems! Ban it now!
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    If I stretch my blood vessels out end to end it would reach 60,000 miles or three times around the Earth! Blood carries many pathogens harmful to other humans and other species. We should work on making blood vessels environmentally safe. Contact your congressmen today and support the fight...
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    They aren't dead CC, just drunk. It's a massive conspiracy by the Kentucky government to convince us to drink less Jim Beam.
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    1-2 hour Dry Times

    I agree, I'm finding a rotary has really been a great value