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    Pick winners playoffs tomorrow & get TMF Hoodies (video)

    Broncos 37 Patriots 24 49ers 27 Seahawks 13 Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Auto interior prices.

    Thanks, this helps.
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    Auto interior prices.

    Anyone want to share what they charge. I have had customers ask to do just the carpet and some ask to do just the upholstery. What would you charge for each of these and also to do both. I know it depends on the vehicle size but just trying to get an idea. Maybe your 4 door car price and an SUV...
  4. brickhouse40

    Quick response.. What would you charge?

    Assuming one of the bedrooms would be a master and two large living rooms, my price would be $235. Unless of course any of the rooms are more than 300 sq ft. Those would be charged as two rooms. Sent from my iPhone using TMF Forums mobile app
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    Duct tape marks on preschool carpet.

    Any ideas on how to get the glue from duct tape out of this carpet?
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    Preschool job coming up. Need help with quote.

    That helps. If you average each room at 350 sq ft, you price would be about .12 sq ft. Thx
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    Preschool job coming up. Need help with quote.

    Cost per day depends on how many jobs per day but if this were my only job for the day, my cost would be around $30-$40. 2k sq ft would take me between 2 and 3 hours. Maybe a few protein spills, nothing major. I will be cleaning open areas only. Staff will have the areas to be cleaned...
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    Preschool job coming up. Need help with quote.

    I had a director at a preschool contact me who would like to have the entire facility cleaned once a month. Not sure how many sq. ft. the place is yet. I've only done residential and priced by room so far. I'm just not sure where to start my pricing. I was thinking around .10 per sq. ft. as...
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    Got arrested today and hand-cuffed off to the cells

    The reason the dog was shot is what i was arguing initially. Not the motive. What was done by the cops leading up to the event or even after, I have no clue about. From what it looks like, this agency isn't a favorite and has its issues. I looked at the video again and the cop was close and...
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    Got arrested today and hand-cuffed off to the cells

    Look, I've done my part. What branch of the military were you in. Don't talk to me about the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the Freedom of anything. I'm sorry you had a bad experience with the police to cause you to hate them so much. You are missing my point and taking this way further than...
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    Got arrested today and hand-cuffed off to the cells

    Rousted him for no good reason? I'm sorry, I didn't know you were the investigating detective on scene. Regardless, the dog became aggressive and jumped toward the officer with its mouth open. The dog owner was just filming it with his phone AND obviously making comments to the cops down the...
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    Got arrested today and hand-cuffed off to the cells

    From what I saw, the dog jumped out of the car and approached the group of officers and owner in an aggressive manner. Cop was totally justified in using deadly force in that situation. Could they have done things differently that would have changed the outcome? Yes, but we don't know who the...
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    Interested in adding power washing

    Thanks for the input guys. I haven't had a chance to check my machine but I think it's around 3 gpm. It may have to do for now.
  14. brickhouse40

    Interested in adding power washing

    I was thinking about adding this service to my carpet cleaning business. Can I start out using the smaller 3200 psi machine I have, or will I be wasting my time. Just trying to add the service without spending a lot of money. Thanks, Mike
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    Auctioned giveaway 3 rooms free

    I'm getting ready to do a silent auction next month and have thought about what I was going to offer. I don't think I would limit the size of the 3 rooms nor would I charge for an extra area or two. Any other services would obviously be additional, upholstery or protector. Going above and beyond...
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    Best place to buy or lease a truck mount with van.

    Interlink sells new and used (refurbished) machines. They use interlink financial (Aztec) to finance or lease to own. I would recommend buying a used van, even of you have to finance through a local bank. There are plenty of quality used vans out there. Go to interlink, if you have one close...
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    Can you HWE guys cut a line like this?

    What pre spray did you use on this job, if you don't mind me asking.
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    Berber with no padding.

    Just wanted to see what you guys thought. Got a call to clean a home office. The one room has Berber with no padding and its directly on top of old hardwood. I don't want to ruin the hardwood. Will the water go through to the hardwood do you think?
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    What was your first car?

    1982 Caprice Classic. Paid $200 for it. Put a new battery in it and started right up.
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    Question...Pressure regulator repair for Blazer GT.

    Actually, now that I see some wear in the disc where the stem was rubbing up against it, I think the disc goes in Teflon first.
  21. brickhouse40

    Question...Pressure regulator repair for Blazer GT.

    I took apart the pressure regulator and found that the Teflon and rubber o-rings were destroyed and came off the stem. I got the repair kit that came with the new stem and another round piece with another Teflon and rubber o-ring. When I took out the other piece, it popped out and was unable to...
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    Interlink supply has the Sapphire Scientific upholstery tool for $423.20 with free ground shipping. Have to look under web specials.
  23. brickhouse40

    Maxim Advanced or DuPont Teflon protector

    Deciding which to use. Any suggestions? Looks like they are about the same price but DuPont is 1:4 and maxim is 1:2. DuPont will go further but is maxim better. Have heard good things about both. Also, a customer has called me a week later and asked for me to apply protector to the carpet. Is...
  24. brickhouse40

    How much would you pay for a Rotovac Powerwand?

    Thanks for the input. I mainly want it for my residential jobs. I did one last week that had one room that was pretty trashed. Didn't come as clean as I would have liked with the wand. Any rotary would have done better in that case, I believe.
  25. brickhouse40

    How much would you pay for a Rotovac Powerwand?

    Want to get a Rotovac 360i but can't really afford one right now. If I come across a powerwand though, I may snag it. Is it worth it, and if so how much would you pay for one that operates?