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  1. baker

    want to learn the best methods

    I am fairly new to carpet cleaning. Have not advertised any but seem to do well so far. But have some questions And I amust totally planning on taking the iicrc class ASAP But did train with a friend of mine for a few days about technique I do pre vac and agitate currently I use a Electrolux...
  2. baker

    encap vlm crb question help me pros

    I've been looking for a used crb machine to help with agitation and possibly a little encap and vlM work I found this unit on ebay I was wondering if anybody had any information on it Is it worth buying this HTML class. Value is
  3. baker

    used encapsulation machine

    Any help where I can look for used crb machines can not seem to find any anywhere am I looking up wrong thing on ebay and craigslist would love to buy new but can't at the time. Thanks
  4. baker

    help with crb or encap

    OK what exactly is the difference between a crb and encapsulation machine or are they the same I am looking the best option for agitation after I pre spray the steam extract I use a 175 now but want to see best options from the pros. Thanks
  5. baker

    pressure gauge stuck

    my new portable pressure gauge is stuck at 600 psi when i turn it on and turn pressure all the way down wont go below 600 psi but will go up any fixes ????
  6. baker

    how hot should water be

    Just got my new porty and will install it all tomorrow But I have a question I have the northstar diesel heater but how hot should water be to clean carpet I am sure it depends on carpet type BUT what is the norm I think my heater can get up to 250 degrees
  7. baker

    cat odor removal

    We are cleaning a empty house next week that's going on the market for sale Owner passed away They had cats in the house and litter box was in a closet well there is a bad cat pee odor in closet and room on other side of the wall by closet What suggestions could you offer me to remove cat pee...
  8. baker

    moving furniture

    Ok do you guys move furniture or clean around furniture What is the tape for Or those white blocks thanks in advance
  9. baker

    Agitate carpet yes or No

    i am new to carpet cleaning and will be doing it on a small scale to my customers we already have I wonder does agitating carpet after pre spray benefit the process I am looking at either the seebo Duo or Koblenz 1800 thanks
  10. baker

    portable that may also be used from truck

    I am going to buy a portable extractor I just would like to see what you guys are using I need it to be portable but still be capable to leave in my trailer and use at times I don't know if I am to worried about heat as much as I am good vacuum and the ability to pump water as I pressure...
  11. baker

    cleanstorm Goliath

    Any users of the goliath give me some feedback likes and dislikes thanks
  12. baker

    12 or 14 inch wand

    I'm about to order all my stuff to start cleaning carpet but what is best size wand to go with 12 or 14 inch. Thanks alot
  13. baker

    Best for start up business Mytee or Goliath

    I need a portable carpet cleaner to add to my cleaning business What would be best to start with Mytee Lt3 lt5 lt12 or goliath i need it to be portable but work well in apartments and rental homes One man told me to use goliath with my pressure washer but costs are too high budget is $3000.00...
  14. baker

    Newbie needs equipment advice

    I own a cleaning company we also pressure wash and am looking to get a portable carpet cleaning Would like heat and a good pump Can not afford truck mount We clean alot of apartments and real estate homes So could not use truckmount anyway in apartment complexes The thing is I made alot of...