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    Encap Marketing

    We have been using our cimex to encap with our current janitorial customers (and a few new commercial customers) as a way to offer reduced priced carpet cleaning, but am not sure the best way to phrase my marketing materials for this service. Are you guys calling it Encapsulation or...
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    Showing up in Google Places Outside Your Address

    I was wondering what success you all have had with coming up high in Google Places listings for areas outside your listed address. Our office is currently 30-40 minutes away from a larger city we are now focusing our marketing efforts on, and want to improve our position for Google Places there...
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    New Google Motion!

    Wow, this is going to change everything about doing work at a desk. Check it out:
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    New Carpet Cleaning Video

    Let me know what you guys think...
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    Google Places Reviews

    I was wondering what sites are commonly pulled onto Google Places for their reviews. I am trying to build up some good reviews, but my current Google Places are under review. In the meantime, I want to make sure I ask people to leave reviews on sites that have a good chance of pulling to Google...
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    Anyone use the SEO offered by the people here at TMF? Looking for feedback. Did it make your phone ring? How long did it take to start kicking in? Did you just get SEO or did you get a whole website package? I submitted a quote request on Tre's site, but still waiting to hear back.
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    Competitor Trashing local competition on Google Places

    This is the 2nd time since we have started our Google places that a competitor has left negative reviews, and it was easily traced back to them. (Guess that says a lot about the type of businesses I am competing against) This time, the competition gave 5 star reviews to their 4 different...
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    Cimex brush/pad question

    I bought a couple cimex machines and they came with the brushes. Is there any way to run a pad on these, or do I need the pad drivers? I'd really like to set up a brush/pad combo, anyone do anything like this before? It would look something like this... Pads don't stay in very well...
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    Competitor Leaving Negative Feedback

    mod please delete
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    Custom fresh water tanks

    Anyone using a custom or DIY fresh water tank? Can't see spending $1000 on such a simple piece of equipment.
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    Sticky glue on carpet...solvent spotter?

    One of my cleaners hit one of these sticky mouse traps with the vacuum. It got on the beater bar and one of the wheels, and then left clear sticky marks in many areas of the office. They just had their parking lot paved, so all the clear sticky spots are now black lines in the carpet. (ever...
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    Best Cost Effective Spotter?

    Just sold my first commercial cleaning contract to a new janitorial customer that we start next week. (First carpet sale feels good!) Our carpet program includes weekly carpet spotting, the place gets pretty heavily traffic and has lots of spills, mostly from soda and coffee. Carpet is carpet...
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    Wanted: 8006 T-Jet

    Anyone have an extra or old 8006 T-Jet sitting around? I just need one, and do not want to pay Jondon or Interlink $15 in shipping costs for a $4 part. I just spent $500 at Jondon and $500 at Interlink...and happened to order a V-Jet when I needed a T-Jet. Oops. Anyone wanna help a...
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    Kohler keeps flooding

    Having issues with my new (used) truckmount. Kohler Command 20hp. The engine will run for a little bit, then flood out and shut off. In order to get it started back up, I have to pull the plugs and clear out the fuel, then start it back up. It will run for a minute or so and flood out again...
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    Truck Mount Gauges

    We just picked up a used TM and none of the gauges seem to be working correctly. It is a ChemTex machine with a 20hp kohler engine. I'd like to get a Water Temp, Water Pressure, and RPM gauge. Anyone have any recommendations?
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    Cleaning Product List

    I had one of these in the past for Interlink but cannot seem to find it so I figured I'd see who else has something like this. I'm trying to put together a basic list of products, from Prespray to Spotters to Boosters and Rinse and any other necessary product. I want an easy to use reference...
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    Oreck OP Machine - Lowboy

    I have never seen this one before tonight. I've always heard and seen the Oreck Orbital, which is a 12" or 13" OP machine...but the Lowboy is 19" and retails under $1,000. Weight is about 75lbs. Even has vacuum ports, which are made for sanding...but could possibly help pull some dirt out...
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    Help with a bid?

    I have a bid to put together for a janitorial account and could use another point of view since it involves a lot of carpet cleaning...and we're pretty much all janitorial. It is about 10-12k of carpet on 3 levels, the majority of it being on the ground floor. The top 2 floors are mainly...
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    Forum too wide?

    Any way to make the screen not so wide? On my laptop I'm always having to scroll back and forth to read posts because the text goes off the right side of the screen.
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    Vegas - January 26-30 ???

    Anything going on in Vegas the week of Jan 26-30? Planning to go, wouldn't mind a legit reason for a writeoff...
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    Starting a carpet cleaning business?

    If you were to start a carpet cleaning business from scratch, what kind of initial startup costs would you be expecting, and what kind of fixed costs for the first few months? Assuming a one man show at first. Lets assume we'll be using a used and paid for truck mount (this is TMF afterall)...
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    Repairing a cigarette burn...what do you guys think? (video)

    Here's a short video of a friend of mine repairing a cigarette burn. The video starts with the burn already removed, and getting ready to put the plug in. This is how I was taught to do it....what do you guys think?
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    Sucked up a rag...

    One of the guys sucked a rag up in the machine. It is stuck somewhere in the machine before the dump tank. Any help on getting it out? (Another reason to always have your vac hose hooked up to your tool before you crank the machine on)
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    Website for CFI machines?

    I found a CFI 3000 machine and was trying to find specs on it, with no luck. Do they have a website?
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    Need a new van...

    In the market for a new van. What do you guys recommend? Looking to keep a payment of around $300 a month. So far I've found a 10ft ex-uhaul box for 10k and and brand new chevy express for 16k. Went to ford and didnt have a good experience with the dealer and the vans were pretty pricey.