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    Residential Marketing HELP!

    I see John Brauns ads in the Pensacola News Journal Daily. Guess it must work for him. I believe Pensacola must be the bible belt for carpet cleaners. This place is loaded with carpet cleaning companys. And not to mention the cleaning supply shops. But even with all the competition I still make...
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    Interlink Supply Rating

    interlink Lets see. Leased equipment. Taxes on my equipment. More Property taxes. Taxes on the property taxes. How many more taxes can I be charged. Seems no one at interlink can explain it to me. I call everyday for an explanation. their response is I will call you tomorrow. Oh did I tell you...
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    Getting Ready to Purchase Pro Peak NEED FEEDBACK part 2

    I have a peak. Have not had any other problems with it except the belts have to be replaced every 200 hours give or take. Now,this last set has lasted me over 200. There is a design flaw with the blower belts being closed- in with all the heat, it is not good on the belts. I think prochem needs...
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    Gekko Corner Tile Tool

    Another bump. 275.00 final
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    How long the blower belt lasts now revealed!

    Richard. I still say it is a design issue. This is not your fault or mine but Prochems. They need to own up and fix the issue. There should be a recall on all these machines. "Fix the **** belts every 200 hours B>S" I replace mine every 200 hours also and know several other owners having the...
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    Gekko Corner Tile Tool

    bump! 325.00
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    Google Maps ?? tre

    google maps Google has figured that out. Everyone is trying to cheat the system or out smart it. including myself. but I am not winning. I do have a number one or two ranking in my lil town but that is it. I am on page 8 in the town next to me. I just listed in that town using my sister in laws...
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    Gekko Corner Tile Tool

    This tool has only been used on one job. and it was a big job. Have not used it since. Gekko list for 329.00 and corner attachment 198.00. Sale both for 375.00. 850-529-1335
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    Let's talk about Prochem Truckmounts Chemicals Tools (Now w pics/videos!)

    Well my prochem peak has not blown a belt in 400 hours. As I say that I will blow them out tomorrow. Overall I am pleased with its performance. I use ultrapac but have to say I found products better and alot cheaper in price. I use to use dry slurry but prefer using a rinse on most jobs now...
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    Rotovac 360!!!!

    360 all the way! Easy to use. Quik once you get use to it. And customers love the swirls.
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    Prochem Peak intermittent heat

    Richard, I ended up replacing the chemical metering valve which was only a 65.00$ fix. problem solved as far as heat. how to fix. do not to crank down on the flow simulator & temp control, back off a little. my bad.
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    Rotovac Powerwand

    Excellent condition $900.00. Comes with tile brushes as well. 850-529-1335
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    Traffic Lane Cleaners

    I use prochem axiom products for carpet that is in great shape. works great for jus general cleaning. Step up a lil to some zone perfect & end zone for a lil kick if the carpet needs a good cleaning, also prochem ultra pac works well as end zone. Need some real kick Pro Choice Extreme Clean for...
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    Prochem Peak intermittent heat

    Richard I have the same problem with mine. Sometimes it will heat up to 230 ,but since I changed the belts out it has not gotten pass 200. Not complaining as long as I am getting some heat and not burning up belts. 600 hours on my peak and 3 sets of belts later...
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    Prochem Peak the Blower Belt Eater

    Tech told me it was a design flaw. Maybe prochem can foot the bill
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    Prochem Peak

    Good- Awesome machine especially for doing water removal, lots of power. Bad-changing out blower belts every 250 hours- cost 200.00. Apparently some kind of design flaw....
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    How do you clean berber?

    vac prespray with traffic slam & a boost if it is really soiled rinse extract with rv360 250 -300 psi Pray!!!!!!! or use A.R.A.
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    RX20 vs RV360

    I use the rv360 on both commercial & residential. Would not trade it. Saves time for me over a wand & does a much better job. Funny thing is I bought it in early 07. Tried it one time & did not like it. So I let it sit for a year before I took it out again. I guess I jus got use to it & it has...
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    Prochem Peak the Blower Belt Eater

    2007Prochem peak with barely 500 hours. Replaced blower belts at 250 hrs, now at barely over 500 hrs going to have to replace again. What is up with that? Anyone know. Repair tech said it has to do whoever designed the system. breezer in gulf breeze florida
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    Hello from Florida

    New to this forum but have been cleaning with a prochem peak for over a year