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    hydraforce inline sprayer keeps leaking

    Thanks Fellows I hope setting psi to 400 works/ but I never had this problem before at 300 psi/ just tired of hydroforce getting my clothes wet and leaking water on custys wood floors
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    hydraforce inline sprayer keeps leaking

    Scott it leaks from my solution line to sprayers/my solution line is fine it just soak at top the minute I spray down/and this one is brand new not even a day old
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    hydraforce inline sprayer keeps leaking

    I thank you guys for quick response / I have replace all the mention parts/ screens/ tube handle/? this is my 3rd one new.and I thought my interlink guy was selling me defective sprayers/ I am gonna try jon dons sprayer/ plus I heard hydroforce was purchase by a china fishing company.
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    water leaking while i am cleaning

    interlink replace my thermo relief valve on my boxer 318. a few days later I notice water leaking near my heat exchanger while I am cleaning. any help fellows will be helpful
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    no heat help?

    help no heat from boxer 318 even though I have hot water in water box
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    no heat in Boxxer 318/

    I need help, water in water box is hot, but when I am cleaning water is warm coming out of wand/ I set my temp at 230. any help would do
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    covering wood floor while cleaning carpet

    thanks mrotto. this is what I was looking for
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    covering wood floor while cleaning carpet

    Greetings? I seen a video of a carpet cleaner who had blue long matting all the way down the hallway. covering the wood florr while he clean carpets? does anyone know where I can find this covering
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    hey eric the 318 is a good solid machine. i own the 318 and its so easy to use. just change your oil every 50hrs. blower oil is good for the 1st 500hrs. pump oil needs to be change after 100hrs. you can clean easy at around 400psi thats the recomended standard by IICRC. i do major flood work...
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    Hows this glide look, any good?

    i am looking for grennes glides,can't seem to find them anywhere. if you know a distributor who carrys them. can someone let me know
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    End Of The World

    harold camping must be reading a different bible than the rest of bible tells us that not even Jesus know when he will return. only the father, so then is harold camping getting something that king Jesus don"t know
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    1 month old carpet in insurance office

    encap that baby 3 times a yr.hwe once a year
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    standard for residential cleaning is 300 to 400 psi no higher
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    krytton furniture

    hey fellows need help. pet clinic call to have furniture clean and said they have special chairs made of krytton. have anybody ever clean this fabric and any tips will help, doing job tuesday
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    Tre has been very ill

    hey rob tell tre he's in my prayers
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    Where do you keep your van during the winter?

    never leave your truckmount without heat on cold nite or day. you will have a big repair bill. anytime the temps drop around 40 get some heat in your truck. 2 electric heaters from home depo will do
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    To IICRC or to NOT IICRC

    yes attending iicrc class is worth the education and training. not only for carpet cleaning but for water damage.iicrc gives you the basic understanding of what to do
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    rob how do more floods market to plumbers

    rob how do more floods market to plumbers
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    NEW vinyl for my van..just got it done

    gino what part of jersey you in. i am in eggharbor twp
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    boxxer 421 hydramaster

    take the 421 for 8000. that machine with 800hrs on it is will get that $8000 back in a month
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    The Importance of the IICRC

    i really think you guys are wrong about iicrc. how many of you are really cleaning professionally. are you familiar with fibers. do you just show up at custys house and throw a few air movers in on a fllod job. do you understand (ph) proper drying. hey if not for iicrc, the restoration...
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    Chemical Feed?

    christ first you need to mix your end zone at one quart to you 5 gallon stock. next prime your truckmount and use your feed to rinse. don't turn your chemical feed line on when you pre-spray with your hydroforce. turn on when you are ready to extract