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  1. rob allen

    Are truckmounts over engineered these days?

    Seems many complain about the difficulty to work on their units especially newer models. What do you think a truck now it’s over engineered?
  2. rob allen

    Silk sofa help

    Have a client sent me this pic of a silk sofa. At least she said it’s silk. Looks like cotton to me. Any suggestions?
  3. rob allen

    Do you build a hi rise or tear one down?

    Do you spend time building a high rise or tearing down others? Early in the 90s I was riding with a relative and saw nice Van For Sale. I made a comment that I’m gonna call about it and probably go buy it. However when I called later that day they said they had somebody who’s already interested...
  4. rob allen

    The "TRUE" Cost of Pre-Spray!

    Most have no idea the "true" cost of pre-spray. They don't understand the true cost per job or the health implications. Not anymore. This video breaks it down nicely and you will understand the true costs of prespray from now on!
  5. rob allen

    Shake & Rake baby!

    We just launched our new compound cleaner, Shake & Rake. Compound cleaners are great for delicates, nursing homes and anywhere pure dry cleaning is needed. And what makes our different? Double the safe solvents! It’s go big or go home baby! TMF Shake & Rake! Buy here—>...
  6. rob allen

    Ever bumped a small job for a large one?

    Be honest, when you are booked solid have you ever bumped a 1-2 room low end job for let’s say a high end 6-12 room job?
  7. rob allen

    The word is out...

    The word is out about our new high quality laminated Mix Guide. Took almost 3 months to make, it is laminated to resists soil and chemicals, helps provide proper applications, has a graph for soil less and a section for tips and tricks. At the trade show everyone was raving about how useful...
  8. rob allen

    Why are many carpet cleaners overweight?

    Doesn’t make sense when we clean carpets 5-6 days a week doing hard labor. So what’s going here?
  9. rob allen

    Employers who pay under the table

    We do everything by the book, everything. However I see lot companies paying their guys under the table. I was asked by someone who worked for one. He asked “Rob whose responsible for taxes since my boss doesn’t have a payroll”. I said “Ultimately I would think the employer but I’m not a tax...
  10. rob allen

    If you work hard and accomplish...

    ...something, especially something that helps others, there will be people lined up to tear it down. They will disregard any legit accomplishments and have a disdain for the work you put in. It’s very disrespectful but commonplace these days. Best to keep your goals and aspirations somewhat on a...
  11. rob allen

    Event 2019 Exp Trade Show Pics & Videos

    Trade show picture thread. I’ll take pics of the show as it progresses. If you see something you want more info on let me know. Enjoy.
  12. rob allen

    What are some strategies for raising average ticket prices?

    I know many complain not making enough. So though be good to review best ways or strategies for raising ticket prices. What’s yours?
  13. rob allen

    Why does the public feel they can negotiate our prices?

    Yesterday afternoon I played in an event with a local HVAC owner. He has 40+ trucks and does almost 30 million year. He never gets clients who try to negotiate his prices down. But in carpet cleaning hardly a day goes by that someone on phone or at a job wants to negotiate. This shows it’s an...
  14. rob allen

    Clients are “appearance” driven

    The longer I do this the more I think appearance reigns supreme with clients, especially women. Some say it’s health. Others say its habit. What’s your take?
  15. rob allen

    Happy employees = Better profits

    My employees took this upon themselves and wrote this on an easel I use for videos. I find the happier you can make employees the more profits you will make. I didn’t realize this early on in my career but I’m getting the hang of it now and it shows...
  16. rob allen

    Woman robbed during carpet cleaning - Ouch!

    Woman robbed during carpet cleaning. Anyone know the company? I'd like to offer him a Safety Door. In meantime, good idea keep your eyes open as there's a bunch freaks out there. LINK-->>>...
  17. rob allen

    MDF Fiber Board, How to ID & Protect?

    When cleaning tile and grout how do you determine it’s MDF fiber board and what’s best way to protect it while cleaning the tile and grout? We have yet to come across it in Va but a cleaner sent me this last night. Looks to me like it’s ruined. Am I right?
  18. rob allen

    Anyone ever use a "hiring agency"?

    I'm just too busy to go through applications and interviews. I have heard of those that use agencies. Anyone know much about them?
  19. rob allen

    Brian Hasshole’s New Release...

    It is dropping this week. Seems like it has a lot of potential but that remains to be seen by the fickle cleaning public. Look forward to your review and it should drop this weekend. In meantime here is a pic from the video. Also shows his diverse musical versatility.
  20. rob allen

    Out of these 3 Truckmounts which one would you choose?

    I got this message today and I'm leaning towards the new 318. Any suggestions? "Hi Rob, I have a question maybe you can help me out I’m looking for my first truck mount however not sure which one should I pick between Sapphire370 used with 3600hr or used 1200. Or Hydramaster 318 new for 14500".
  21. rob allen

    Secret Gift from TMF

    Free game changer gift from us. Pick any 6 jars chemicals to get yours in this link...
  22. rob allen

    Yellow not coming out memory foam

    Is it a different animal? Most mattresses no problem but memory won’t give up the yellow. Any suggestions?
  23. rob allen

    What do you tell clients to do to prepare before arrive?

    Just like the thread says... What do you tell clients to do to prepare before arrive?
  24. rob allen

    How ID hardwoods from engineered?

    Hardwood guys. How can you tell if a floor is engineered or ID it for cleaning and water based poly? This client is buying the home and wants me to make it look good. Has some scratches but not bad and water looking spots. My thought is the poly will make it look good but I don’t want clean...
  25. rob allen

    Hi, I am Rob Allen

    Hi. I am Rob Allen. I cleaned carpets full-time for 37 years and now only go out to film or test products. After losing my job as a Kirby repairman (I never was a door to door salesman), however since I was about to lose my home I went door to door and offered to repair neighbors vacuum cleaners...