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  1. longkenn

    Guess Who's Back

    Welcome back! I hoped that one day you would hop back in here.
  2. longkenn

    Grout master

    The color of various chemicals often happens when the manufacturer sources the raw materials from different vendors. Vendor A sells chemical A to them. Then they get a deal on the same chemical from another source and they go with Chemical B which might be lighter or darker than the Chemical A...
  3. longkenn

    My helper/employee

    Have a sit down meeting with him. Explain to him that you have been telling him the same things over and over. Ask him what can be done to help him remember these things. Sometimes, we don't know it is important to the teacher and sitting down with him and going over the basics with him might...
  4. longkenn

    David - TMF member - Selling low hour Truckmount equipment or turn key business.

    "On my last update I dropped it to $28k picked up at my place. I reserve first right of refusal.... this equipment is paid in full and fully insured as a personal asset with a definitive and traceable inventory.... I have pictures of everything." I don't think you mean what you said there. In...
  5. longkenn

    How do you get House Call Pro to stop texting you?

    I just told them that I use a Windows phone. They dropped me like a hot potato. Their platform doesn't work with windows phones.
  6. longkenn

    TMF Official Cleaning Memes

    I had one customer that thought they were doing me a favor by "pretreating their spots with Resolve." :devil:
  7. longkenn

    How dangerous use these chemical what have risk of cancer?

    As there is no S on the end of the title of Revelation, there is no second R in Prostate....Thought you would want to get it right, too. :D
  8. longkenn

    Transporting chemicals and supplies

    Try something like that bag
  9. longkenn

    Transporting chemicals and supplies
  10. longkenn

    Scammer busted!

    Out of the 60,000 or so residential addresses in my city, a scammer contacted me about cleaning a home that belongs to a friend of mine. What are the chances of that happening?? I hope that with luck like that he didn't buy a lottery ticket today! LOL
  11. longkenn

    Dead birds empty home

    I would suggest a mask as well. You don't know what the birds died of. You don't want to inhale something that would make you sick. Better to be safe than sorry.
  12. longkenn

    Delicate chair tore while cleaning

    If you look closely at the tear, it is more of a separation of the fiber. It looks like it is a thin place caused by manufacturing defect or by wear. You will find this type of damage in furniture that has a lot of age or where there was a factory defect in the case of new furniture. A cut would...
  13. longkenn

    Please school me on gum

    For gum just put a little Citrus-Solv on a towel and work it in. Works very well and in seconds. No need to carry a bunch of extra chems. I use Citrus-Solv for a lot of stuff.
  14. longkenn

    I'm raising my minimum to get rid of low end clients

    I charge $40 a seat. In other words, loveseat $80, three seat sofa $120 and so on. Sectional comes in at about $200.
  15. longkenn

    Real Estate Agents - are they a PITA? or are they Lucrative?-- what say you...

    Some are very good and lucrative, some are very bad and cost you money. It really depends on the agent and their business model and what they expect.
  16. longkenn

    What's biggest problem in our industry today?

    Too many people willing to work for peanuts and do a less than professional level of cleaning and too many people willing to pay for that level of service.
  17. longkenn


    That is carbonless paper and it is the copy the police give. The original stays with P.D.
  18. longkenn

    Absolutely new to this. Need guidance to get started in the business

    You can find a 175 at pawn shops for $125 to $175. Bought mine for $125 from a pawn shop. Then you can buy something like the CFX, used, for $700 to $900.
  19. longkenn

    Whats the BEST thing a customer ever told you ?

    :whistle: Uhhh, errrr, uhhh, hmmm.....don't know how to tell you this, but, here goes... You were supposed to be cleaning her carpet! What in the world were you doing?????
  20. longkenn

    Has anyone ever used Groutmaster on leather?

    LOL That is like the time I used my Waterhog at about 1200 psi to clean some carpet that was either going to get clean or be replaced. I got it clean.
  21. longkenn

    What's your janitorial value proposition?

    In janitorial contracts, for the most part, people don't care if you are fast or slow as long as you are cheap. LOL Although, there are those that have tried the cheap route and discovered that they get what they pay for. If you do a really good job at a reasonable rate then you can make money...
  22. longkenn

    What's your janitorial value proposition?

    We compete by doing a superb job on every job. We try to do little things that people notice. We straighten items on their desk such as pens, stapler, rubber stamps, etc. It is the little things that impress people. Also, you have to do what you say you are going to do.