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  1. dave40

    Grout master

    Does anybody no a why the colour Of grout master is not the same from one Container to the other I don’t know if you will be able to see with this picture
  2. dave40

    New RSF Sweet Breeze Prespray!

    What rince can you use with it
  3. dave40

    Prochem heat wave

    Guys is prochem heat wave hey rince or hey prespray and if it’s hey rince can it be use with bio pro 10k for rinsing.
  4. dave40

    Prochem apex

    This is strange take a look at these pictures this morning the guy wanted $20,000 for this it’s got 25 hours on it looks to be a little bump it up to me now tonight was. Just talking with this guy he’s willing to take on the 11,000 what is this worth brand new anyways
  5. dave40

    Prochem performer

    Thanks guys for all your answers.
  6. dave40

    Greasing up truck mount blower

    For those of you who know or whoever greased up your own truck mount blowers before I’m using this grease at the moment this is all I could fine do you guys think it will be OK since it is not a high temperature grease and it is a lithium grease
  7. dave40

    Prochem performer

    The thing is it has not run for 4 years and now the guys says it’s sitting outside but with a tarp over it so can’t even start it up
  8. dave40

    Prochem performer

    Good day guys I was wondering if you guys think this is worth it I just don’t have the hours on it at the moment I will get more information the guy is willing to let this go for $2500 the only thing is it’s sitting outside in the cold has not been used in over four years I have my doubts take a...
  9. dave40

    hi there was wonduring how your tm is doing i am thinking of buying one myself thanks for the info

    hi there was wonduring how your tm is doing i am thinking of buying one myself thanks for the info
  10. dave40


    Is this ok for the price barely used
  11. dave40

    Bonnet Pro - New technology and product

    This product is wow I used it on the couch last week wow this was phenomenal thank you John
  12. dave40

    Surround omega citrus encap cleaning

    I have this encap machine from vonschrader and I test it . Johns product from bonnet pro wow [emoji50] surround omega with citrus [emoji521] this product actually gave me just the right foam coming out of my machine smell is just out of this world [emoji288] if you want give one a try...
  13. dave40

    Rug smack

    What do you use as rince Jeff
  14. dave40

    Rug smack

    I don’t know what they did with Rug smack they knocked it out of the ballpark take a look at this beautiful polypropylene rug bunch of staying on it came out beautiful the only thing you have to do with it once you lay it down make sure you CRB it or any other form of agitation thank you Rob for...
  15. dave40

    Waste-away from bonnet pro

    Anyone use waste away from bonnet pro. I need to know if it’s save to use on Persian rug and then bonnet it out since there is no pile to this rug.
  16. dave40

    CRB or orbot vibe

    Here we are cleaning tile and grout and also carpet can’t afford the 2 pieces of equipment what would you guys choose CRB 15 inch or orbot vibe Both around the same price range any advice would help thank.
  17. dave40

    100% synthetic or not

    With the felt involved is this 100% synthetic or not
  18. dave40

    Multi sprayer

    Question for you guys hey. Put Oxy plus in the multi sprayer do you think in will damage the pump.
  19. dave40

    How much furniture do you move?

    It’s quite simple to move all the little stuff and charge for the heavy furniture it’s not much trouble with our sliders
  20. dave40

    hydro kinetic upholstery tool

    Does anybody use the hydro kinetic upholstery tool for cleaning. Thanks
  21. dave40

    Clay tile

    I just did some clay tile with grout master now after the job was done it turned out whites the tile that’s not the grout lines I will give you guys a picture This is it before I did not take me after I left the job know if I need to go back in order to wipe that up what is my best option I have...