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  1. Todd the Cleaner

    Blown head gasket fixed by Jon Don??

    When you check the dipstick is there any water in the oil? It could be more than just the head gasket. The head is most likely cracked or warped. If the engine ran out of water and super overheated it may have damaged the engine beyond repair.
  2. Todd the Cleaner

    MDF Fiber Board, How to ID & Protect?

    Yup. I’ve been seeing more and more MDF here too. Almost all homes built in the last 10 years have MDF, even the upscale houses. Trust me, it’s coming. I see house after house being remodeled and almost every one is putting in MDF. MDF is pure evil.....
  3. Todd the Cleaner

    Vapor steamer

    How much $$$?
  4. Todd the Cleaner

    Donate Gifts for Autism Children (

    This is awesome. I hope everyone will take a few minutes out of their lives to contribute to this.
  5. Todd the Cleaner

    People will sell anything

    I see both the sock and styrofoam insulators here all the time. They seem to work well here since temperatures only dip into the 20’s overnight and always warm up into the 40’s even in the coldest parts of winter. I doubt the sock insulator would work in an area where temperatures are sub...
  6. Todd the Cleaner

    Big Blower Wanted

    I think I know of one. I’ll ask tomorrow.
  7. Todd the Cleaner

    Turbo Force Hybrid Tile & Grout Cleaning Tool, 12 Inch

    Any idea what shipping would be to the states? I live close to Las Vegas.
  8. Todd the Cleaner

    Last Job of the day, commercial at 3pm on Friday

    I just spent $1700 on chemicals yesterday. That will last me a year and make me over 100k. Year after year our chemical cost is right around 2%.
  9. Todd the Cleaner

    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    Ah, being in the Bay Area everything costs 3x what it does over here.
  10. Todd the Cleaner

    Out of these 3 Truckmounts which one would you choose?

    3600 hours on the 370 means the engine is getting close to the end of its life. If you buy the 370 add an extra 3k for eventual engine replacement. That being said I think the sapphire is a better machine. If the new 318 is about the same price as the used 370 I’d probably get the 318.
  11. Todd the Cleaner

    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    Wow! How long do you spend on a set of stairs? Your price is almost 3x what I charge.
  12. Todd the Cleaner

    Steamin Demon carpet cleaning machine

    They are good machines. Probably better than most portables out there.
  13. Todd the Cleaner

    Steamin Demon carpet cleaning machine

    How much $$$?
  14. Todd the Cleaner

    Those that pre-vacuum

    I know “by the book” every job is supposed to be vacuumed. Do I vacuum every job? No. I do keep a vaccum on the truck though for the jobs I can see need it. I will admit the vacuum gets used more now that I always have a second person on the truck. Once the first room is vacuumed we start up...
  15. Todd the Cleaner

    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    If you use your sapphire tool for carpet just be sure to clean it out every couple weeks.
  16. Todd the Cleaner

    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    I’ve always cleaned the complete stair, tread and vertical. I do use the hand held stair tool that looks like an oversized upholstery wand so I can turn the wand sideways and clean the vertical portion in 2 long swipes (one swipe from each side) so I don’t leave triangles on the vertical...
  17. Todd the Cleaner

    How many of you professionals

    Often times on empty houses I’ll stop by the next day especially if there were stains that may wick back while drying. Most the time it looks good. I’ve had a few times where I’ve needed to spray a second dose of peroxide on a coffee or urine stain.
  18. Todd the Cleaner

    How ID hardwoods from engineered?

    Look at the cracks between the boards. Usually real hardwood will have polyurethane over it which seals the cracks. Engineered wood is finished at the factory and then put together at the location and you can easily feel the cracks with your fingernails.
  19. Todd the Cleaner

    When is the right time to add another truck?

    Yes, in a round about way. I’ll fill you in later.
  20. Todd the Cleaner

    When is the right time to add another truck?

    My old boss always had one more truck than what he needed. I think this was smart as it gave us a backup truck as well as another truck to grow in to. Get truck #2 as soon as you can financially support it even if you are not 100% booked with truck #1. If you are running a solid one truck...
  21. Todd the Cleaner

    Why Is My Upholstery Tool leaving Wet Lines?

    I’ve dealt with this for the last 20 years, it’s actually a real easy fix. If you look in the end of the upholstery wand the jet needs to be centered, not only left to right but front to back as well. Occasionally the jet will move forward so the jet is up against the front of the wand and...
  22. Todd the Cleaner

    New Town, New Start

    I did that a couple years ago and didn’t get one single call from it:mad: