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  1. Ed Valentine

    Cross American Jaguar 8.4 Review

    John; Somehow I had the feeling that eventually you couldn't hold back and would have to find a way of yhrowing a jab at your competition, which, btw, something I would not and haven't done when the tables were turned not long ago. You see even though we all have as manufacturers, ( you are no...
  2. Ed Valentine

    The Best Portable ETM Ever Designed - Eletric Truck Mount Portable

    Here's the vac motor you should consider. A ton of CFM's...and lift! This was taken at Ametek's lab!
  3. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    That's perfect, Michael! Thanks.
  4. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    Michael; Were you referring to your Cross-American Power Booster (6.6) "in-line" (or down line ?)
  5. Ed Valentine

    questions on installing pumptec 207v

    My suggestion is this: Find a Janitor Supply House in your local area and have it professionally installed and meshed with your other components, etc. This will help eliminate a ton of problems and possible disappointments for you.
  6. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    Imploding fiberglass tanks; hope that doesn't happen to you!. That reminds me of way back in the late 70's, early 80's we were doing a demonstration with one of our high performance fiberglass machines with a couple 7.2 vac motors installed. After we put the petal to the metal so to speak...
  7. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar 8.4 Hose Runs

    Big D: 200 feet, not a problem, and many operators are doing that. In fact, if I recall, I think even Tim Yeater mentioned that to me as well in a test he did. Its a real workhorse to say the least! Congratulations.
  8. Ed Valentine

    Rust bucket van. NE van owners what next?

    Great advice above. However, here's another:
  9. Ed Valentine

    Portable Upgrades

    Jimsteam; I was told a couple months ago that GM replaced you with 3 ---JAGUAR 8.4 ETM's at their World Headquarters! There goes some of your retirement money!!!!-lol!
  10. Ed Valentine

    Bates Engineering, Big Red

    Johnny; Great idea; why not! Couldn't ask for anyone better.
  11. Ed Valentine

    Bates Engineering, Big Red

    Bates always had a great reputation (Big Red) in this industry. And, as many manufactures know (or should) it is most difficult to be continually consistent while moving forward and having a wonderful and accredited reputation as they retained. Hope they are doing well, they deserve it.
  12. Ed Valentine

    Ever cut your own sight glass window?

    Plexiglass will not last very long. Don't ruin the tool you already have.
  13. Ed Valentine

    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    AZ; Were you going around a corner or a "round-a-bout"?!
  14. Ed Valentine

    My, How time fly's!

    Here's some industry history my son just sent to me: Patents by Inventor Edward R. Valentine Edward R. Valentine has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. This listing includes...
  15. Ed Valentine

    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    Tim; How many hours do you now have on the JAG 8.4 ETM, and how many would you guess you have on the CUB? Wow, you do some nice places!
  16. Ed Valentine

    Mytee air hog vac booster 7303

    Here was a comment we just received from the knowledgeable, TimYeater that may help answer your question. Although I did not ask him, I don't think he would care if I share this with you. He's a terrific gentleman and business person!: To: Cross-American Corp...
  17. Ed Valentine

    Portable Upgrades

    Jim; Thanks. Do you still have and are you still using daily, the original JAG motors---7 years old now?? I do remember that you sued them pretty hard!!!
  18. Ed Valentine

    Portable Upgrades

    Jim; How old and how many hours do you have now on those JAGUAR 8.4 ETM vacuum motors? Just curious.
  19. Ed Valentine

    Looking to purchase new equiptment

    RB; SOLUTIONS, Cornwall ships all over the World. You should not have a problem! Converse with Mr. Nicholas White and mention that I recommended you. He knows who I am. Best of luck!
  20. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    ...And the beat goes on....................................................................................... ......................................and on............................................................' and......................................on
  21. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    Hey ed can you make me a special machine With four LX-BS motors and four of those ZX-BSS motors and two 8.4s Hey ed can you make me a special machine With four LX motors and four of those ZX motors and two 8.4s ---all on ONE CORD?! OK, we'll name that model: BOOM!
  22. Ed Valentine

    Rotovac New motors

    Not this subject again.....................(never forget you can't cheat Mother-Watts) Please pass the pop corn.
  23. Ed Valentine

    Found used Jaguar 8.4

    Anderson; Great point of view regarding any "used" piece of equipment. One must ask themselves: Is it used; or, used up?
  24. Ed Valentine

    My newest portable set up. Lighter, more powerful, and more versatile set up yet.

    On the subject of "mixing motors"; you can mix motors however, it all depends on the design/engineering of all the motors in question. Otherwise, yes, one may have a real problem of constant downtime and frustration.
  25. Ed Valentine

    Jaguar Cub at 100'

    Fedri; You mentioned and suggested that the Operator of the Jaguar CUB should take it closer to the cleaning location. However, his real intention was to see how powerful it was and therefore , if it did have this kind of power. He did this because he also knew that the CUB had a powerful...