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    Cleaning Cinema seat

    I would offer them dry foam (low moisture) at $11 each seat but id explain that, that was what the other company was doing or you could try HWE at $25 each. But communicate and explain everything very, VERY Well The curtains you will have to charge a whole lot more. Youll need to rent a...
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    How to wash old woolen rugs with truckmount?

    Sorry but you did give that impression and I dare say did mention "I just cleaned 5 rugs of which 2 were silk valued at $175,000. " Perhaps you meant $1,750.00 or $175.00? I don't know, I guess it doesn't matter anymore
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    How to wash old woolen rugs with truckmount?

    I completely agree Mama, he did give the impression that the rugs he cleaned had a high value. Its cool though we are humans we make mistakes.
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    MDF Fiber Board, How to ID & Protect?

    You can kinda identify it by using a sharp metal pick. the feel is what tells you. I apply blue painters tape and thin painters plastic .
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    Good shoes for the work we do!

    YEAH! Sketchers are pretty comfortable I have some but mine are a bit different.
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    Stone, Tile & Grout manuals

    Id like a copy. I already sent a email. (crossing fingers in hope of getting a copy)
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    Matted Traffic stain polypropylene

    Polypropylene is not resilient. has a low melting point and is very lipo and Ole phillic and is hydro phobic and can give you browning and wicking issues. Chemistry, agitation and time will help in breaking the carbon bond. I like lowering my PSI and doing multiple dry strokes and running fans...
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    Really Need A Decent Waste Tank

    Oh wow!! Now that's a waste tank!
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    How do you get House Call Pro to stop texting you?

    put the number on your block list
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    How to wash old woolen rugs with truckmount?

    I agree. why would you not agitate it? I cant remember the name of the person who does rug cleaning "without ever touching the rug pile" he claims agitation ruins the nap, so he created a "special machine". the machine looks cool but he is not washing or cleaning, Id call his method rinsing...
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    How to wash old woolen rugs with truckmount?

    Low heat, low psi (200 or less) slow and take your time. dry stroke like crazy a CRB can be used on wool unless its damage (if fragile maybe you shouldnt touch it)
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    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    good price. I tried doing the per step cost and i just cant do that. usually a flight of stairs is 14 steps and includes at least 1 landing but we sometimes will include a second one
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    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    time will depend. But usually 1 hour plus vacuuming usually takes about 15 minutes 30 or more for worst case scenario/super soiled) All depends on soil. includes vacuuming pile, edges and baseboards (if applicable) Application of pre spray agitation of all to be cleaned surface areas and...
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    Why don't a lot of guys clean the vertical side of stairs?

    Why would you not clean the risers??!!!!! I start at $110.synthetic /$170 wool for 14 steps and 1 landing at that rate I better be cleaning steps and risers
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    Those that pre-vacuum

    add $20-$30 for every 10-15 minutes of good thorough vacuuming or you can try $2.50 per minute of vacuuming i try to stay withing those rates whenever doing vacuuming only as in maintenance with a minimum of $80.00 calculate the above into the cleaning cost.
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    Opinions on Wands?

    I agree, BUT Rotovac is well built, it just not heavy as in heavy duty built or weight wise heavy. that will effect the cost
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    Opinions on Wands?

    You must be a hater, Rotovac or the zipper are Not Cheap tools rotovac does NOT have bicycle handles Rotovac is not an exact copy to the zipper It has a different design and I am glad they are different If you are looking for a more solid built tool with weight then go with zipper it is more...
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    Opinions on Wands?

    That was NOT false advertising. I dont care how good you are with a wand, the wand CANNOT physically be able to do the work of a rotary wand. There is a place for every tool. I am not saying the wand is useless But I am stating that the powerwand was not a bastard tool, if thats the case then...
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    Opinions on Wands?

    The Delcron glide will need replacing (tougher than teflon but will need it, makes big difference between worn out and still good) Weird, I've had a evolution for over 8 years and the ABS head has never warped. it is plastic so place of storage is important. Consider The Bonzer from rotovac corp
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    How dangerous use these chemical what have risk of cancer?

    Or if you plan to eat right after using your machine without washing your hands barehanded
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    Chemical mix won't prime

    The unloader/regulator valve is used to adjust the pressure, should be somewhere in front. with the machine off open a bypass or 1/4 shut off valve. use some wrenches and loosen the large hex on the side of the pressure pump. Check the diaphragm if its blow then bingo!
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    Chemical mix won't prime

    pressure regulator or unloader valve? have you checked your rinse intake hose for any obstruction?
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    Tired of deodorizers that don't work

    Want strong try spraying a light mist of CTI's/pros choice Molecular modifier on the back of a full synthetic rug then let me know if that works. on natural try running a vaportek through a air tunnel (you can make one out of an old water heater box, lay it side ways use some styrofoam blocks...