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  1. mr.cleansalot

    grout sealer

    what do you guys use to seal grout? We have been using magic spell from magic wand it works great but my concern is its a solvent. I want to make sure what I'm using is not horrible for me. We are doing more and more grout so I want to make me and my techs are protected as much as possible from...
  2. mr.cleansalot

    box truck advice

    so we have 3 vans and I need more room so I want to get a box truck. any advice will help I almost bought a sprinter but I had it looked at and the price was to high for the condition. Any box truck owners out there that can let me know what they like and don't like about it. the bottom line is...
  3. mr.cleansalot

    back on tmf again

    so I'm back looking for info on tile and stone care do to us starting a new biz . we have always offered tile and stone care but now we are getting calls for repairs and things like removing grout haze and more specialty things. so since I learned most of what I know about carpet cleaning from...
  4. mr.cleansalot

    epoxy grout haze on tile

    need to know how to remove this epoxy grout haze . iv seen products that say haze removal are these good for epoxy grout as wel. I figure I will pre spray this product and rinse like normal . any advice will help thank you
  5. mr.cleansalot

    color seal on saltillo tile and cleaning advise

    need advice on cleaning and color sealing Saltillo ..
  6. mr.cleansalot

    Color seal over color seal??

    Did a job about 500 sqf of color seal that was poorly done .so now it is coming off in a lot of areas . What can I do to fix it? It is 18 in tile thank god .
  7. mr.cleansalot

    Red stains

    Do I have to rinse red relief ? I use the wall paper steamer now. Id like to know how you guys take out red stains??? Does any one use vac a ways spotters? And do you leave those in?
  8. mr.cleansalot

    I d like to pm 1st choice

    Not sure how to do it will you p.m. me?? I can figure it out on my computer but iv been on my phone latley. Still trying to figure it out. Just got some questions . Thanks
  9. mr.cleansalot

    That grinder handle

    Whats the name of that handle that holds the grinder?? And iv read mixed reviews. Does anyone have one and can you tel me what you think. We do 15000 seats every year and boy let me tel you im willing to try anything that makes it easier ?? Thanks
  10. mr.cleansalot

    I must be missing something

    So I assume that bonnet cleaning would be a lot cheaper and faster. With no truckmount to maintain or suck gas. The only expense would be chems bonnets washing them and vac bags. I would think I could charge less to do this cleaning? Iv always been a hwe guy but would like to hear what all you...
  11. mr.cleansalot

    Square scrub for vlm?

    What's you thoughts I picked one up a while back thinking it would do it . After realizing it's an op ?.
  12. mr.cleansalot

    What's the best bonnet machine for residential

    We use the cimex for commercial . And we love it but to be-competitive in pricing I'd like to offer bonnet cleaning . What are your thoughts on this we are 40$ a room hwe I was thinking 25$ for vlm and advertise then if they want hwe it would be an up sell . To me this is not b&s because we can...
  13. mr.cleansalot

    Eddm ?

    New to it what do I need to know to get the most r.o.i ? I know thers a member that sent me a mess
  14. mr.cleansalot

    Where do you guys get your employees

    I have gone through a lot of guys mostly friends ands or friends of friends. I always let people know we are hiring some a few here and there from that I've ran adds on job cites ans help wanted .com even resorted to Craig's list. I have lowerd my expectation and realize if the guys can do 50 to...
  15. mr.cleansalot

    New chems????

    I bought my cimex 18 mo or so ago been loving it ever since I've never maid that kind of money before best ticket to date was 2200$ in 6 hrs insane crazy money. We use the releasit punch as pre spray and run ds2 in the tank we love it and have no complaints . My ? Is are there any new chems I...
  16. mr.cleansalot

    Been a while

    So it's been a year or two since I've posted . I left tmf after getting burned on my amtex it almost put me out of biz at 250 hrs I'd had enough and ended up having a guy in my area use the blower motor and pump we have turned it into a true beast . I know a lot of you stand behind Ben I do not...
  17. mr.cleansalot

    Got my zipper

    Looks awesome built very very well I opted for the 15 inch I will use it next week can't wait
  18. mr.cleansalot

    Building a new custom truckmount

    Look it's daddy Kohler and baby Kohler. This is the 40 horse 999 CC hog we are going to be building our mount with. The engine on the right is what's in my El Diablo and Amtex, this thing's gonna be a beast!
  19. mr.cleansalot

    Any hoss 700 lovers out there

    I was going to buy a t-rex but my friend taf at magic wand talked me into the hoss because of the floating vac heads. we wanted a rotary for commercial glue down we have the roto vac but wanted a bigger head and was not impressed with the roto 15 inch. Anyway im just looking for advice,likes...
  20. mr.cleansalot

    biulding my own tm

    me and my truck mount mechanic are building our own tm due to not being able to keep brand new tms on the road. He is going to open a tmf acct and up load pix as we go this thing is going to be a beast
  21. mr.cleansalot

    amtex for sale

    I am selling my 30/47 marine it has 250 hrs on it I am asking 12k for it I paid over 16k for it less then 6 mo. ago if interested please call me james at 775-686-8946
  22. mr.cleansalot

    need help with cimex

    So we did a office building that has light color textured carpet and it left bad swirl marks in it. also steaks that look like we missed witch could be possible but not sure. when using the cimex do you hold the trigger down when doing wet pass or do you go on and off? also when I stop to move...
  23. mr.cleansalot

    got a cimex

    I gave in and bought a cimex I had been trying incap with a 175 and did not think to much of the method. using the cimex is totally different. For one we prescrub with it and have never had better results. Also did some incap next to hwe on cgd last night and when it was dry I could not believe...
  24. mr.cleansalot

    news letters

    Who uses them? Where do you get the format and content. It seems expensive to have one of the company's that do it for you to do it like $500 a month to print and mail.
  25. mr.cleansalot

    new rotovac 15 in head

    Anyone buy one yet I did and I want to compare my thoughts to some others. It definitely cleans faster as far as cleaning goes but not restoring do to the glides it does not scrub like the 12 in head. but to me I now can up sell the small head for restoring the carpet vs just a clean and use...