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    New RSF Sweet Breeze Prespray!

    Last day of the month EST
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    New RSF Sweet Breeze Prespray!

    We sold out and made announcement that all other black label presprays will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday :)
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    Donate Gifts for Autism Children (

    Donate Autism Gifts to TMF (NO money will be accepted) - TMF will be sending off each random gift to the parents* here on TMF who has Children/Teenagers that has Autism and the left over gifts will be provided to a local ABA therapy. TMF recommends that you Google top gifts for children/teens...
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    Carpet Cleaners that look like Hell

    Tracking Number: 1Z600Y5X0396790934 Out for delivery tomorrow :)
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    Share TMF Products & Earn Money back!
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    Secret Gift from TMF

    Send me a private message of your order #
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    New RSF Sweet Breeze Prespray!

    Yes the SDS will be on the product page on Monday :)
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    New RSF Sweet Breeze Prespray!

    Ships either next Monday or Tuesday :)
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    Colored Swivel Wands Back in Stock!

    We have a very limited supply of colored limited edition carpet cleaning wands! New colors IN STOCK! Hurry they might sell out TODAY!
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    Looking to buy new wand anyone use 12in titanium sapphire?

    Have you checked out the variety of wands TMF sells here?
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    Instant Financing for Orbital Machines (Orbot Vibe, Sprayborg, LiFe, Cimex)

    TMF offers instant financing at the final checkout, just choose Klarna and you can get instant qualified for financing. Check out the latest OP Machines:
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    Featured Ultimate Fiber Rinse - The safest and best rinse for cleaners!

    Ultimate Fiber Rinse (which is a liquid rinse) drops the pH, more acidic (does NOT clog lines as this is a liquid!), has extraction emulsifiers, has cleaning ability, synergistic with TMF Presprays, leaves carpets soft with no sticky residue, more concentrated, prevents resoiling and safer than...
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    11-15% Off everything in TMF Store! Military / First Responders get higher discount

    All Military gets 5% off every order - this deal we had here was Memorial day last year and is no longer valid.
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    housecall call pro

    Nice!! :) Did you get the TMF discount when you signed up?
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    I tried the groutmaster today!!!

    You can use Kick Acid for urine and soap scum on grout :)
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    Autism Center Cleaning Video

    I was using the Rotovac Bonzer, not zipper :)
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    TMF Scratchers

    Someone just won a Bonzer and also Brian Adams won a Water Claw last week.
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    New Product: EcoCide Citrus Lush

    Click the image to view more information about the new Ecocide Citrus Lush which is made from Plant based essential oils.
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    TMF President Sales

    We have extended this sale till 6PM PST today (Tuesday)
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    TMF President Sales

    Get 10% off all chemicals and 5% off all equipment! View the image below to view the promo codes to enter at checkout and you can go buy here: Chemicals = Equipment =
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    Truck mount mechanics for repairs and tune-ups?

    Would you let a truckmount mechanic come to your place to repair your truckmounts / maintenance/tune-ups - instead of leaving it at a cleaning supply for days?
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    Forum update - Will be resolved within 48 hours