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  1. Timothyscarpet

    You don't know what you don't know.

    Pre filter Importance of the pre vac. A couple things that I was never trained to use that I can't believe we ever went without. What are yours?
  2. Timothyscarpet

    Synthetic fiber ID

    How much does type of fiber determine your strategy for a job? And also what are some of your ways of eyeing the carpet for fiber ID before testing?
  3. Timothyscarpet

    Quoting services according to budget

    I'm relatively new to the business side of things but in the past when an commercial client would call for a quote let's say a church, I'd go in measure up give them the figures and leave the slip and numbers to do the selling. Recently I noticed a church that I had quoted had another company...
  4. Timothyscarpet

    Foot dragger

    White velvet plush carpet and the older gentleman shuffles his black velcros all over. Any tips?
  5. Timothyscarpet

    Takeover vs Startover

    Hey guys I'm the sole tech for a locally owned company here in a small community in MN. The company when purchased had about 3 full timers plus a few part time/seasonal in addition to the secretary. The company had been on decline due to non promotion and loosing all help but we'll me. I only...
  6. Timothyscarpet

    Encapsulation interval cleaning

    What is a fair price to charge for encapsulation in relation to hwe? We would be applying and using crb.