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    Need help on my first major bid!

    I received a call yesterday from a local school to quote them a price to clean the carpets at their campus. I went and inspected the campus and counted 13 classrooms with a total of 7,622 squared ft. We will be moving a few tables and chairs on some of the classrooms. I'm currently cleaning with...
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    Found used Jaguar 8.4

    So I've been looking to buy a portable set up and I came across a used Jaguar 8.4 for $500. Owner claims they have replaced vacuum motors but I might need to replace pump. This price seems a little too good, so I'm pretty skeptical. Any suggestions on what to look for? They stated it has been...
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    New to CC

    Hello all, New to the forum and business as well. Considering purchasing a Clean Storm 2×3 500psi with heater. Anyone have any previous experience with one of these? Or any other recommendations? Thanks for your help!