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    Parting out Truckmount vs sell complete

    Send me a pic of it when you can please
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    Hotels In House

    Was at the casino the other day they were encaping
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    Parting out Truckmount vs sell complete

    Can you send me pics of the waste tanks you have available youve got my number
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    Bates Engineering, Big Red

    I still cant believe that motor blew brother it only had a few hundred hours on it since the rebuild. Makes me feel like shit
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    Ever cut your own sight glass window?

    I think so as well
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    Ever cut your own sight glass window?

    Wish mytee would come on with the dual vacuum slot wand daddy wants!!!!
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    Been trying to sell my Amtex

    Thats pretty cool @Allied
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    What’s good description for severe odor removal?

    Smell bomb:LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL: actually had a manager that used to tell us to do a smell bomb lol
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    Big Blower Wanted

    2850 max rpm on a 59, engine is a 3500 rpm max diesel should hit the power curve right if not ill just pulley it down
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    Big Blower Wanted

    Yup used is what im wanting, ive got a nice diesel to spin it plenty of horse and torque
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    Big Blower Wanted

    Ive got a 56 but really wanna go 59 or bigger
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    Big Blower Wanted

    Ya but ive bought them for under a 1000 :ROFLMAO:
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    White Magic pro 1600- need help!!!!!

    Since they're not in business anymore and its a heating issue dultmier may have certain parts for it im not real familiar with that unit, may have to re-engineer around the issue, may be just an issue of taking a part out cleaning it up and reinstalling
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    Big Blower Wanted

    Anyone have a big blower for for sale reasonable? Wanting a 59 or larger. Ive got a build in my mind thats driving me nuts lol
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    Was the AW 29 first production wand made?

    Ive cleaned ALOT of carpets with aw29s, all i used for over 15 years
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    Speaking at realtors meeting in am

    Every time ive ever done a meeting like this realtors, property managers etc ive found that the more involved you can get the room the more successful the meeting the more you can get the room talking the more Q&A the better. Did one once were they had several vendors they guys before me was a...
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    Just Gotta Say Something About Mytee

    @Johnny Bravo is it better than a rx20s flexstar?
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    This Is To Funny!!!

    No shit @rob allen if the dems spent half the time working on our countries problems verses trying to fudge with trump our country would be doing amazing right now. Instead they wanna pull their stupid shit till 2020
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    carpet cleaning service proposal

    I wouldnt email it, face to face contact is always better.
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    Just Gotta Say Something About Mytee

    As yall know I got a really good deal on a Mytee Trex the other day, the circuit board was bad on it due to it being in a fire but other than that it looked brand new. Ordered the part from Mytee to fix it and she runs like a champ now. I asked @John LaBarbera if he was still sending brushes to...
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    truck mount carpet cleaning equipment.

    Where you located? Edit ..guess it helps if i read the post im an idiot brother sorry
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    Traffic Slam or Flex w/ Citrus...

    You're not gonna find anything that will beat these three period.
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    Vote Here For The TMF Member of the Year

    Her answers are always intelligently thought out and well worded.
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    CX15, Drag Wand, Mytee Trex

    Turns out the circuit board was bad ordered a rectifier from mytee to replace the board runs like champ now, really cant thank @Steam It. enough for selling it to me.