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  1. Decon Response Team

    Which Tool is right for the job?

    With all the tools in your van how do you choose which one to use? I see zippers, wands, Bonzer, 360I, TREX etc. I cant keep up! I dont have a CRB so I usually use my Trex to agitate and extract. But thinking of adding something new to the list of weaponry.
  2. Decon Response Team

    Switching to truck mount

    I’m thinking about switching to a truck mount from my Mytee Escape ETM. I love it but would like a little more power and longer hose runs. I can get a used Prochem Peak but I don’t know much about the machine. Is this a good used machine? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Decon Response Team

    Carpet browning or wicking

    I just cleaned a carpet with Bio 10 and pure o2. I Used Mytee Trex to agitate and extract. What speed and solution flow should be used to avoid this problem? I don't have a bonnet machine to encap.
  4. Decon Response Team

    Nasty carpet!

    I know every carpet won’t come completely clean. But I have thrown everything at this one and it looks terrible. Any suggestions? I have done heat, agitation, preparation, vacuum! The first pic is after. The rest is what I’m dealing with.