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    FB What vacuum cleaner is everyone using?

    My kitchen floor is made mostly from the tile. I'm always struggling cleaning soil, fur and other sweepings from pets, child usually playing with them and running from courtyard to home. I've read this guide and it helps to decide how to clean the sh*t out with Eureka! It sucks better than my...
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    Acronyms and abbreviations

    /s - sarkasm DIY - do it yourself FYI - for your information NSFW - not safe for work FTFY - Fixed That For You TL;DR - Too long, didn't read
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    List your most effective advertising

    GoogleAd organic seo word of mouth local guerrilla marketing
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    Name some phrases we love clients to say...

    The greatest thing is when they get you something to eat! I'm so busy that I sometimes totally forget about lunch
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    Is this true? Read this in Las Vegas Review Journal

    No way, depends on carpeting... sometimes older carpets do far much better than newer ones :sneaky:
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    ®®® Tips and Tricks!

    Great article about blood, hope to never use it:)