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    How long, what method

    32 k sq ft
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    Identify help

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    We got two of them about 3 weeks ago. At first I didn't really like them and only thought they were practical in large spaces. I've changed my mind, love it on commercial and any Berber or short nap. Leaves it incredibly dry! I hate wands Commercial job today
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    Rained money

    130 fans 40 dehus More tomorrow 8 inches in an hour. Have 6 other homes going and we aren't even the big guys. Anyone want to travel? [emoji3]
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    Liquid de-icer

    Got a call from one of our big management companies. 2 carpet cleaners have already been there. Anyone have accounts that have switched over to this vs salt? If so what works? I hit it with a cimex quick to see and had air on it to speed dry. Looks good but not sure it will solve it. TCU...
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    Sealer on porcelain/ceramic

    What's a good product to get for this and what pad to strip this off
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    When people try to negotiate

    Got a call last night at 730. We had a full schedule with both trucks running. Customer called and said I need it done before noon. I hesitated and asked how early we could get going. He said 7 and I asked if it would be empty, he said yes. Show up at 715 for 2 rooms and a LR with 7 stairs...
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    Fab set

    Should it feel "slick"? I'm mixing per label and running 2 gph What's your guys experience?
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    Dry times

    We use the dragon and 870 for machines. Run roto's almost exclusively except for most stairs. We run fab set as a rinse. Question is what should truly be expected? It has been rainy and mugging here and we tell people to use their AC and ceiling fans. Did a job last night that ended around 5...
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    North Star maintenance

    So I descaled about a month ago because I was getting clogged jets every job damn near. I heard before that there is a separate des along procedure for the burner. Is this true? If so any help on how to do it would be great. Thanks in advance fellas
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    Anyone have the secret?

    furniture stains
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    So we descaled the TM about a month ago cause everything kept getting clogged, after it was a new machine. However, it's starting to do it again and I'm tired of unscrewing the filter on the hydro and changing jets on the roto. Do I need to do something above and beyond a normal descale for...
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    Dual wanding, sort of

    Bunch of carpet and tile. Under two hours, nice check ;)
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    I picked up a new account with apartments. I've cleaned 10 year old carpet that is easier to clean. It's a cut pile. Did a burn test but couldn't really smell much. I used flex powder with citrus. Scrubbed with crb let dwell 15 then hit it with roto and 200 plus. It was def worn but this...
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    New to the glides. Slotted? Hybrid? What should I get
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    So here's the new truck we are putting the 870 in. It is going to be tight depth wise. Where would you guys put the fresh water tank?
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    Just ordered the 870 SS

    Pretty excited. We are putting it in our water truck that will also clean carpet. The new truck is being delivered next week and I'll take some pics!
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    Almost took a left.....

    But we didn't, took a right in a parking lot and hit up an insurance agent with goodies. Gave her our pitch. Two hours later, water job!! Leaking supply line to refrigerator. Won't be a huge job but a great start! Hit 3 of her colleagues the day before
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    Wdr insurance

    We just got a quote for 3k a year. On par? What are you paying?
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    Can't PM

    Anyone else not seeing the conversations option on mobile?
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    Need some outside eyes

    We are having record month after record month. With water picking up and carpet cleaning going nuts we know we will be pushed out a couple weeks at least when things ramp up. Here's the scenario, let's say we have 6-8 jobs lined up and we get a call for water or a need for a last min job, we...
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    Color seal

    We just got done cleaning and are speed drying to see what the end result will be. She wants us to do a color seal and I've used an acrylic based on before and works well. Any special consideration to this type of floor? What are you guys at ball park for color sealing?
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    My bro spilled some grenadine syrup on his carpet and lives in another city. Home remedy options from the pros please;)