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    KleenRite Mega 3 Flood Extractor

    Hello, I have this used portable flood extractor for sale. Comes with 25 foot hose and Wand 900.00 OBO, trades negotiable. Please text or call as I’m not on here much 619-928-1095 Anthony Sorry if this is in the wrong sub-forum, feel free to move if so. Thanks
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    Nursing home flooring

    Client sent me this picture and said that they usually spray buff it. They need someone to strip and wax it. She states there is no wax on it. Looks like some type of vinyl wood flooring. What should I use to perform this job? Thanks in advance once again TMF
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    Encapping a dirty bed

    How would you clean this dirty sleepnumber bed. This was apparently caused by the baby's milk and pee.
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    Chuck E. Cheese and places alike

    I'm wondering what is some of your advice for an estimate on places like a Chuck E. Cheese. How size is estimated? ie 33k size lot but games/jumpies all over. Any hidden problems? Does anyone currently use VLM/Encap on a fun place for kids like this currently? Any general advice. Thanks...
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    Tile/carpet brush

    I had purchased a tile brush for my 175 floor machine. After the job fell through I had not opened the box until today. This doesn't feel like a tile brush to me, feels too soft. Any input?
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    Encap residential dog urine

    We do not usually do residential cleaning, but I'm cleaning a friend's apartment this week and was in need of some tips on how to clean dog urine with my 175. I'm not lugging the cimex along as I've heard mixed results on residential carpet. My typical process for my personal house is Pre vac...
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    CIMEX/175/Vacuum for sale

    Hello Everyone, I have a brand new ***NEVER USED*** 19" Cimex I am looking to sell along with a 175***used once*** and a brand new Proteam Proforce 1500 Vacuum. Price for all three 2800.00 price for Cimex alone 2100.00 175 floor machine: 500.00 Vacuum: 400.00 please call or text if...
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    Cimex Wheel Upgrade

    I recently made my own wheel upgrade kit and had quite a bit of stainless rod left, I'm wondering if anyone else would interested in the same package. I'm sorry no pictures at the moment, but it is stainless rod with cotter pins on the ends and a 10" semi pneumatic wheel. Not sure on...
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    Another new EDDM thread

    We decided to go another route than the usual family Photo and colorful popping attributes. We cater to commercial clients and less than 5% residential. Let us know what you think.
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    What type of flooring/wax and strip should I be using?

    This was the photo sent to me by the owner. Stated it needs a strip and wax. Doesn't look like vct to me. Any help is appreciated, we're new to the strip and waxing process in general. Thanks a lot.
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    Southern California Peeps

    This may be a long shot but... Would anyone need a free helping hand for a day or two? I'm looking to learn as much as possible about hard surface care and would love to ride a long and help whoever is interested. I'm located in San Diego Anthony
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    Newbie Vct questions

    I am currently running a commercial carpet cleaning business that we will be opening the hard surface care side also. I have a few novice questions for my "consultants" here at TMF (thanks a bunch already) Our first potential client is a liquor store that was just remodeled. The only...
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    Cimex pad question

    Can I use the fiberplus pads to clean my homes oriental rug? I didn't want to spent the money for the soft white brushes if I didn't need to. Especially because I won't be venturing into the rug business for quite a while.
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    You can say I'm super stoked!

    She came in today!
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    Startup purchase list (encap)

    Hello everyone, I'll start off with some background. I am currently not in the carpet or flooring service and will be setting up an encap route for part time and transitioning into full time when time allows. This will be mainly a commercial business as the accounts I have incoming will be...
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    Cimex questions

    At the end of january I will be purchasing a cimex machine, I have a few questions for the owners. Knowing cimex is the king of commercial encapsulation, how or do you even use it for residential? Have you used bonnets and pads for residential clients. Tile and grout production and stripping...
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    A thanks to TMF and it's members

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I just wanted to say thanks to TMF for offering this free forum and to its members for their advice. I lurk a lot, although posting probably less than 5 times, I have learned a helluva' lot from you guys. Thanks Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.