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  1. AZHome&Carpet

    Robs Encap

    I was bummed when I realized I totally forgot to bring in my liquid encap. It froze. But man Robs Encap works well. I actually like the cinnamon one but I think it’s getting discontinued.
  2. AZHome&Carpet

    Diamond Strip Pads

    I’ve never Orbot Stripped a VCT floor. And just landed a commercial job I’d like to try it on. Where can I get the diamond strip pads? I’m guessing that’s whats needed. I don’t have the weight kit and can’t afford it now, but may modify something to add weight. Any tips and tricks would be great.
  3. AZHome&Carpet

    Most embarrassing post, yet machine is #1

    Ok this is embarrassing but I’m doing this for @Ed Valentine. Many know I bought a CutOut Chevy truck. Well last night I was working in it and long story short didn’t know I broke the double door latch. (I fixed it today) Good thing my friend was behind me last night driving because he called...
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    I bought a new sprayer (my 11 yr old saved up for buy me a gift) :) I says do not use with Oxidizers. So I’m guessing presprays with peroxide will damage the seals?
  5. AZHome&Carpet

    Cargo Van

    Trust me not expecting much but if you don’t ask you never know. During the downturn in 08 my credits beat working hard on raising it. But I’ve been doing really well recently with our home cleaning and carpets. Endlessly growing and have some awesome tools to clean with. Today I hit a concrete...
  6. AZHome&Carpet

    Robs Polyester Tester

    Just a quick review about Robs Polyester Tester. Works great. Way better then a burn test. It’s not to hard to research which chemical melts nylon. But just ordering it, comes in a little dropper it’s simple to use. Really appreciate having it in my kit.
  7. AZHome&Carpet

    Dang Wand

    Tony Dang Rules. His Dang Pro Swivel is well worth the $. Gets under beds and in tight corners. I also bought his swivel stair tool! Loving them.
  8. AZHome&Carpet

    Rug Roller

    No way I can afford whay they ask for a rug roller to dry rugs. Anyone ever use a floor roller like they use for laminate flooring?
  9. AZHome&Carpet

    10” mytee crb

    If I’m seeing right seems like the new crbs or out, opps it allows it to get into the cart but still not avail. Guess I’m excited for it to come out.
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    I really want a professional website. And I’m sure for $3500 TMF can do that. But does anyone know anyone that can assist perhaps that’s more affordable. I’m separating my company. One part will be my house cleaning, I have a google my business as for it. The other 1/2 is now for carpets/rugs...
  11. AZHome&Carpet

    1/3 hp air movers

    Anyone have any 1/3 or larger air movers they are looking to “move?”
  12. AZHome&Carpet

    Thank you Mytee!

    Man I was going to be 100% sure my Hot Turbo was going to be done for. I left it in my truck over the past week under my hoses. It’s been single digits and negative temps at night. But I plugged it in today and worked 100%! I’m not recommeding any one do what I did, but thank you Mytee! Great...
  13. AZHome&Carpet

    Spinner Tool

    I’ve read a bunch using search.... but still can’t decide. I’m getting a preowned Vibe OP machine, and a 17” crb. But need either a tile wand or a spinner. I’ll have the ability to scrub well, but not rinse and extract. Can a inexpensive tile wand do the trick with good chemical agitation? My...
  14. AZHome&Carpet

    My 1st portable under $40 rug wash pit?

    Guess you can’t call it a pit, but till I get the funds up to build one, I built something that looks like it should be on the international space station to reflect the sun. Just needed a flat surface anything besides the dirt! Living off grid I have acres of dirt, but no surface to lay...
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    I’ve read the orbot can strip floors without using stripper?!
  16. AZHome&Carpet


    Anyone thinking of selling a good 2”, 4-5 jet wand, let me know please.
  17. AZHome&Carpet


    I know this isn’t maybe the best platform but did want to share something. My family and I have been through many ups and downs as so many have. I’ve made a lot of terrible decisions in my life I truly with all my heart regret. Some terrible things have happened to me I had no control of, and...
  18. AZHome&Carpet

    Clean Free and Boost All

    I am a person who try’s to respect others. So if Rob doesn’t want direct competition posts feel free to remove. But it was recommended to me I try Rinse Free from Bridgepoint. I’ve been using Robs stuff and honestly all works great IMHO. But I do like trying this and that. Rinse All is nice...
  19. AZHome&Carpet

    Any Host CBR users?

    Are there bearings or something that can make my host start to “whistle?” It’s working fine. Belts new. But louder then normal sometimes, and now developing a whistle, squeal tough to describe. I use it on near ever job after prespray, and depend a lot on it.
  20. AZHome&Carpet

    IICRC/Scott W

    If you think education is a waste, your wrong. Scott W and Doug H, Hands on Rug Class was $595 many people told me I’m nuts for paying that. That motivates me, never stops me. Now I can talk a little rug talk. Walked into a house today, and traded 4 Rooms of Carpet Cleaning in exchange of a...
  21. AZHome&Carpet

    ISO Host White Brushes

    If anyone has any White Brushes for standard Host machine they want to sell, please let me know. Thank you!
  22. AZHome&Carpet

    17” brush Pro & orbot vibe

    Helping a friend, 17” brush pro with extra brushes and a Orbot with some assys and bonnets, must be able to pick up in Salt Lake City. No shipping. $1200 brush pro $1695 orbot vibe
  23. AZHome&Carpet

    Bridgepoint Spot Kit

    Last mth when in San Diego for Scott W rug class I picked up a spot cleaning kit while interlink. Man I wanted to suggest everyone should have one. There’s been (so far) no spots I’ve run into the the Kit hasn’t gotten up. Love that it comes with a laminated sheet to know which product to use on...
  24. AZHome&Carpet

    (4) Jet Westpak

    I’m thinking of getting a (4) jet Westpak wand. I honestly don’t see a need for a $1000 wand. Need no bragging rights. I have a (2) jet generic wand that I’m not overly happy with. Leaks at the weld and while looks don’t matter much is ugly. I’ve read a few good things about the Westpak. Anyone...
  25. AZHome&Carpet

    Insurance thread

    I can’t find it but the other day someone posted about a hardwood floor issue and found out insurance doesn’t cover damages cause by the service. Does anyone know where that link is? I want to make sure I am covered. I remember Scott Warrington mentioned some specific terms so I want to ask my...