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  1. Joe cool


    I guess now we need a thread of who has the hottest Wife picture . A trophy type not the porn star type . Haha
  2. Joe cool

    For all you guys in the cold and snow... It always could be worse .
  3. Joe cool

    How much Product do you keep on the shelves ?

    I buy a few buckets every 3-4 mos.on my carpet chems . My supplyhouse guy lives close buy and he delivers my other stuff after hours on his way home . We ride together sometimes he has a few Harleys and I ride BMW's and Ducati 's .
  4. Joe cool

    RIP Prochem?

    My first Prochem lasted 25 years plus . My second one I saved $6k off from the summer sale from Interlink . The extra $6K for a car water cooled motor was well worth it vs a crappy V twin .
  5. Joe cool

    RIP Prochem?

    My Everest HP has 3000 psi @ 5 gpm . I'm glad a got the last of karcher prochem ..
  6. Joe cool

    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    Remember Everest is solely made by Karcher. Everything else Prochem / SS is assembled by SS .
  7. Joe cool

    Holed Glides

    It's on the rear lip You tilt back on the glide and push forward its smooth, you pull back level it pulls dirt well locked down up front . Its about a yr old and showing its age semi flattened out . Ready for a new one soon .
  8. Joe cool

    Holed Glides

    I believe a glided wand dont lock down and won't pull as much dirt as a non glided wand . I had a 11 incher 3 jet non gilded for over 24 years got a glide on it and ripped it off after 4 jobs . I now use a Ti wand and it could not be moved with no glide . Bought robs TMF lip glide and...
  9. Joe cool

    A Radical Sale

    Can I still get Revive it Confidence?
  10. Joe cool

    Cobbs thermoplastic solution hose

    A non steel braided hose will balloon from high heat and triggering on and off the wand .
  11. Joe cool

    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    That wand looks like a very old style 3 jet .
  12. Joe cool

    Legend won’t hold charge

    They run about $35 - 65 . Most of them are the same and will universally fit . I only need one because I had a inverter to run a vacuum cleaner and the load took it out . Dont do that .
  13. Joe cool

    Prochem UltraPac Extreme, reviews?

    Some say it dont smell good and it's not the safest chem out there . I'm sure it works good like all prochem stuff .
  14. Joe cool


    What chems do you clean with ?
  15. Joe cool

    Green Cleaning Prespray

    Green products are pretty weak. They never worked for me .
  16. Joe cool

    Hydramaster HE RX-20 "spitting" on commercial carpet

    Could be the oil seal on the shaft where the head spins on . It get hair in there that needs to be cleaned out .
  17. Joe cool

    Opinions on Wands?

    It came OEM with my equipment . Without the lip glide it locked down and I could not push it .
  18. Joe cool

    Opinions on Wands?

    Prochem Ti wand with a TMF lip glide is what I use . Love it - 6 jet 1 flow jets . Great dry times and can be turned up really high with the 1 flow jet .
  19. Joe cool

    Help choosing a vacuum cleaner.

    Sanataire Commercial Has a beater bar you can hear sand and rocks come flying out of the bottom backing . No other vacuum does that . Parts in every other town. belts 2 to 3 bucks ,propeller blade $10 , paper bags $10 for 10 . The motor sits right on top of the propeller blade which...
  20. Joe cool

    I will be travelling in a few days. Do you have any recommendations on ways to avoid drinking contaminated water while I’m out of the country?

    Take a extra suit case of water , cans of tuna , instant mashed potatoes and pancake power ..
  21. Joe cool

    Bed Bugs

    I had one today . She was a zombie/ downer and he Snuffy Smith named Harley, he was using a upright rug cleaner and Awesome on the rug when I arrived . I believe they were going to ask me for half the money back for charity on the way out . Section 8 inspection due . It was a joke but left...
  22. Joe cool

    How to Deal with Commercial Customer Wasting my Time?

    All commercial bids I check over first . Check for water bid outside or a sink inside . Preview the rugs condition . Set the time and date straight in person face to face if it's a first time one time deal . Check for a electric outlet if needed for my RX - 20 or fans . Most important...
  23. Joe cool

    Pro Chem Everest HP 650

    I assume PC flagship is solely ProChem , karcher.
  24. Joe cool

    Pro Chem Everest HP 650

    408 is the exact machine as the 650 but a little smaller blower . So how can it be higher mantaince ?