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  1. mrotto

    One prespray for everything? Is it possible?

    This may or may not answer your question, but what I do is have one prespray that safely works on just about everything. I do dilute it more than directions because I use a CRB. (not to save money, but in most cases just dont need all that cleaner) However, I do boost it accordingly to what I...
  2. mrotto

    what would you do?

    correct. The option would be to spend $2100 on new (but Water Cradel) or just install used (12 year old) Water Pond.
  3. mrotto

    RIP Prochem?

    kinda interested what was in the email
  4. mrotto

    Whittaker GLS 15 CRB not mine - just passing along the info
  5. mrotto

    what would you do?

    selling my current van as a package. Chev 1 ton extended, Apex, Water Pond, softener, pumpout etc. really dont want to part it out.
  6. mrotto

    what would you do?

    its the package price with van/TM/softener/pumpout/shelf/install
  7. mrotto

    what would you do?

    Getting a new van and truckmount. Currently have a 2007 setup with a Water Pond (no issues). Im kinda partial to the SS Water Pond and have heard some negatives on the HM Water Cradle. So would you... - go with the HM Water Cradle because its new and costs only $2100 OR -put the existing 12...
  8. mrotto

    Why did you choose self employment??

    to tell you the truth I really dont know why and I would be an excellent employee (actually a better employee than an employer). After flipping burgers and being a gas station attendant through high school, I was a real estate agent and then started a couple of businesses before going into...
  9. mrotto

    The HOSER revisited

    how can I tell which model I have? I think I bought it 3 - 4 years ago.
  10. mrotto

    The HOSER revisited

    so I bought a HOSER a long time ago and found it when I cleaned out my workbench. So I put it on the truck to give it a try. Always used a towel to wipe vac hoses off and even when it rained/snowed they would be dry by the time I got to the next job. Anyway, hook up the vac hose to the...
  11. mrotto

    Opinions...The best place to purchase a "used" truck mount?

    I will be putting mine up for sale shortly 2007 1 ton extended 80,000 miles, Apex 3800 hours, water pond, water softener and pumpout. Owner operated
  12. mrotto

    Van totaled....what about payment for decals and removing equipment?

    you pay premiums to YOUR insurance company. YOUR insurance pays your claim. YOUR insurance then goes after the other insurance company to reimburse them. ALSO, to total a van they have to take into consideration the total amount of the VAN AND TRUCKMOUNT because the truckmount is attached and...
  13. mrotto

    Broken Sapphire Scientific upholstery tool

    just take the hose to a Parker dealer. They will make a new one exactly like it on the spot. Dang, if SS doesnt stand by their upholstery tools, who would consider buying a Truckmount from them. Yep, Prochem is DEAD
  14. mrotto

    What is it worth

    thanks, the guy is looking to sell it for 1700. I dont know about these machines but these dont come up for sale locally too often and everyone here says how great encapsulation is so I thought if the price was right I would give it a whirl.
  15. mrotto


    I agree and would hold my ground. If you didnt do it, then why offer 100 back? I dont get it. Anyway, once in 35+ years I got a call where an old lady accused our tech of taking jewelry - a ring I think. I dropped everything and went over to her house and helped her look for it. I found it...
  16. mrotto

    What is it worth

    used Cimex in good condition
  17. mrotto

    1 Pass Cleaning vs Industry Standard Cleaning (New Video)

    I lift the wand up at the end of a row of strokes to get the water through the hose. The reason I know this is because my wand has a sort of whistle to it when there is no water in the hose (best suction). at the end of a row, if I pick up the wand there is no whistle for about 5 seconds which...
  18. mrotto

    All about hoses

    better yet 2 inch hose
  19. mrotto

    All about hoses

    contact these people ask about their 2" X 50' HELIX PROFLEX TRUCK MOUNT VACUUM CLEANING CARPET HOSE WITH CUFFS its not up for sale now but if you contact them they have it for you. Comes in five colors
  20. mrotto

    All about hoses

    I got my Lil Better hose on ebay. Its the place where Joe gets it from.
  21. mrotto

    Carpet Cleaning vs Water Damage & Restoration

    110 gallon tanks for carpet cleaning water. If your doing a flood, you will need a pumpout. I started in carpet cleaning and then added water/fire damage. Two completely different worlds. You are on the right track when you stated "and I can focus more on marketing and networking myself for...
  22. mrotto

    Do you understand the cleaning codes on furniture?

    I carry a Cleanfax article written by Tom Hill on my truck to show the customers which explains the different codes. I have several articles I carry which explains things that commonly pop up now and then like Carpet Ripples. I find that that I can talk all day long on the subject but if I can...
  23. mrotto

    RIP Prochem?

    Prochem was gone once SS took over. Its just a name attached to a SS machine just like they tried with the Apex. They want to attact the old Prochem loyalists like me, but I wont be fooled. 38 Grand. LOL Id rather have 2 Titans and run them separately. I just wonder what SS is gunna look...
  24. mrotto

    Direct drive future?

    dont care. Im getting ready to purchase new in a couple weeks and that one will be my last.